These 11 Things to Do in Dooars Are Beyond Amazing

Dooars, derived from the word ‘duar’ meaning door, is actually a gateway for North East India and Bhutan and also gives an entrance to the hill station like Darjeeling and Sikkim. Dooars as a Terai region consisting the wild dense natural forest, mingled with lush tea garden and intersected with different rivers like Teesta, Torsha, Jaldhaka, Murti, Raidak etc. The Dooars region is famous for its wildlife sanctuaries and white water rafting in Teesta. The entire region has many cities and towns, stretching from the foothills of Darjeeling to the foothills of Arunachal Pradesh, basically covering the most part of North Bengal and Assam.

The Terai region is well connected to NH 31 (National Highway) and AH 48 (Asian Highway). You can avail all the three transport services that are the Bagdogra Airport near Siliguri, Major Railway station like NJP, Alipurduar, Alipurduar junction, Hasimara, New Coochbehar, New Malbazar and New Bongaigaon. The important rail route that covers the entire Dooars region is between Alipurduar Junction to NJP via Malbazar. The region has Bus facility provided by North Bengal State Transport Corporation, Assam state transport corporation and Bhutan Government Transport Services. You can also find shared jeeps and other four wheeler vehicle which runs through the entire Dooars region.

The luxury hotels in Dooars and the travel agents in the region provides both car rental services and tour packages like Dooars Tour Package which includes the places to which you can sightseeing and have an attraction over the place. Dooars car Rental Services are available through the travel agents as well as from the local stand and depot.

We have mentioned here 11 things that are prime attractions in Dooars:

1. You can enjoy with a thrilling white water rafting in Teesta:

river rafting in teesta

River rafting can be said one of the most adventurous sport and it is a best option in Dooars trip. River rafting can be done only from January to June as the weather and the Water is stable. Basically there are two to three routes of river Teesta where river rafting is possible. Local people and the experienced swimmers take approx. 2 to 3 people and start the rafting. All over the Dooars there are many rivers but only Teesta has the facility of River Rafting.

2. Face the one horned rhinos of Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary:

rhinos in jaldapara

The wildlife is famous for the endangered species, THE ROYAL BENGAL TIGER. One Horned Rhinoceros are found after KAZIRANGA wild life sanctuary. Elephant and Jeeps safari can be organized to enter the forest depending on the interest of the individual. Elephant safari is famous in Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary among all the forest range in Dooars. To enter the Sanctuary you can enter through 2 different routes (Siliguri-Sevoke-Malbazar-Binnaguri-Birpara-Madarihat-Jaldapara and Siliguri-Rajganj-Jalpaiguri-Dhupguri-Goerkata-Birpara-Madarihat-jaldapara).

3. You can make a memorable jeep safari through Gorumara National Park:

jeep safari in gorumara national park

Park is situated on the banks of river Murti. The Park is recognized for the Great Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros and Indian king Cobra. The animals which are quite often found and seen are Elephants, Bison’s, Leopard’s and different types of birds migrating from the other country. There are numerous Watch Towers from where you can see the animals coming near to the river for drinking water but at a specific time. Name of some of the Watchtowers are Jatraprasad, Methla, Chukchuki, Chandrachur and Chapramari Watch towers.

4. Suntalekhola, Samsing: Feel the amazing beauty of Rocky Island

rocky island

The place is famous for the orange plantation and sightseeing the hills of Bhutan and the Jelepla Pass that forms a link between Tibet and India. Trip or trekking can be done from Suntalekhola to Rocky Island. The place is approx. 5 km from Samsing. The place is landscaped with having tea plantation all over the place.

5. Don’t miss out to visit the Neora Valley National Park :

neora valley national park

The park is the land of the endangered species, Red Panda.  It’s a virgin natural forest with dense bamboo groves and colorful canopy of Rhododendron trees. The nearby mountains are covered with snow giving an immense pleasure of the lush green valley and divided rivers forming waterfalls around the park. Wild Dog are often found here but they don’t enter the park due to the barrack made around the park. The park is situated in Kalimpong, district of Darjeeling. It’s most renowned for Bird Watching.

6. Lava,  Lolegaon: Visit to see sun sets with a golden view of the Mt. Kanchenjunga

lava lolegaon

A small Lepcha village situated at the extreme end of the Himalayan ridge having pine forest all over the surroundings. The place is famous for the Buddhist Monastery known as the Lava Monastery. The place is delighted for the Bird watching and the forest range in  Lolegaon is said to be as Heritage forest have dense Pine trees and Oak trees. Sun Set Point-Ramitey Dara , sun sets with a golden view of the Mt. Kanchenjunga is popular in this Village.

7. Must visit the Buxa Tiger Reserve Forest :


Royal Bengal Tigers are mostly found in this place after Sunderban. The tiger reserve is situated in Alipurduar under Jalpaiguri District in West Bengal. Rail route passes through the forest which links Alipurduar Junction and Hasimara. The Tigers are kept and well maintained so that they don’t extinct. People come across different places to visit the Royal Bengal Tigers. Not only tigers but Leopards and Cheetah are also found in the reserve. Buxa Tiger reserve can be reached through both road and rail.

8. Chapramari Wildlife Park can also be a great option for you:


chapramari wildlife sanctuary

The Chapramari wildlife park is close to Malbazar and about 2 hours’ drive from Siliguri through sevoke. The Bhatabari range or the Bhatabari dense forest make a pass between Jalpaiguri Town and Chapramari Park. Large variety of flora and fauna are found in this region along with elephants and Gaur known as Indian Bison. Deer are found in different varieties. Green Pigeons and kingfishers along with Parrots migrate to the place but specific time and weather. Most of the Leopards in Dooars are from Chapramari Wildlife Park.

9. Totopara: You can learn and get more knowledge about their lifestyle and living



The village is small in size and consist about 1 to 2 thousand people approx. the people belong to Toto Tribe that is one and only in the Earth. 22 km from Madarihat, Totopara makes an entrance to Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary. The place is totally in plains but surrounded with the foothills of Bhutan to the north and Torsha River to the east and Titi Forest range on the other side. A special permit needs to be taken to go to the extreme village as because the Toto are totally different to other people living nearby. It’s safe and you can learn and get more knowledge about their lifestyle and living after you enter the village.

10. Coronation Bridge, Sevoke: The heritage of North Bengal and Dooars

the coronation bridge

The Coronation Bridge is above the river Teesta. The bridge is also known as Sevoke Bridge. The local nearby people also call it as “Bagh Pull” as because the there is a statue of tigers sitting on both side of the bridge. The bridge connects two mountains and makes a pass way for Sikkim, Kalimpong, Siliguri and Malbazar. Basically it can be said that it connect both Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri district. National highway 31 runs across the bridge. It is said as the Heritage of North Bengal and Dooars.

11. Phuentsholing -a small Bhutanese town at Indo-Bhutan border:


Roam around the town and plan if you would to visit the full country, BHUTAN. Jaigaon a place near Phuentsholing is in the region of India forms border for India and Bhutan. Visit the Crocodile Park, Orange orchard and Gumba (famous temple of Lord Buddha which is nearby the residence of Royal Family). You can also have the traditional dishes of Bhutan in nearby hotels or restaurant in Phuentsholing.

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