Goa: 5 things to do in the land of Sun Sand and Sea

A small state resting on the alluring coast of the Arabian Sea and on the western coast of India, Goa, both national and international tourist destination is affectionately called the fun capital of India. The small province resting in the suburb of Konkan of the Western Ghats, is rewarded with mysterious bio-diversity and moderate climate. Apart from relaxing on the beach, Goa presents you a number of other beguilement that can leave you spell-bound. Music and merriment are the part and parcel of everyday existence.


 1.Indulge in water sports: The alluring beaches and the tranquil climate of Goa offer adventurous opportunities for numerous sports like snorkelling, backwater kayaking, windsurfing, parasailing, scuba diving, dinghy sailing, water skiing, angling, water scooter and swimming. Yielding in these opportunities is surely the excellent thing to do in Goa.Image Source: purpleseashospitality



2.Visit spice plantation: Visiting to the spice plantations in Goa is one of the wonderful experiences that will undoubtedly leave you spell-bound. It is one of the most rejuvenating things to do in Goa. The place offers you innumerable spice farms and villages which can provide an enchanting wisdom into the spice trade. One can walk through the fresh and fragrant plantations and gain more knowledge about how different spices are grown.Image Source: indiamarks


 3.Party on a Luxury Yacht: One can rent out a luxury yacht in Goa, which will set sail from Aguada Bay to have an alluring jaw-dropping experience. This exposure will take you far away from the mainland and help you encounter the openness of the Aguada Bay and testify the irresistible perfection of the Arabian Sea as it snuggles the banks of Goa. One can also try one’s luck at a few gambling clubs and antique lighthouse.Image Source: boatbookingindia


 4.Ejoy a Silent Party: The silent party is an unusual gateway and modernism in terms of the party art as it creates less commotion and on the entertaining outcome. A crowded beach and you can hear no music, but everyone is still dancing their heart out! The party involves pumping music being played by DJ, but no sound as well as everybody is listening to the music on their own headphones. The site of the harbor is predetermined by the coordinators and they select the people who they prefer to invite.Image Source: blog.travelandleisureasia


5.Quad Biking in Goa: If you are thinking of going beyond the beach, then Quad biking is the perfect choice for you. Quad biking is adrenaline pumping and high energy sport that provokes the rugged, bumpy and muddy landscape on four wheels and a high energy pumping engine. You can navigate the slushy and muddy roads on this four wheeled monster and have the time of your life. You can ask about at the shops around the northern side of Goa and hunt for quad bike vendors.


Conclusion: One can visit Goa during the monsoons to behold the luxuriously green landscape wrapped in the vegetations. The rates of resorts are also considerably low during these time. Apart from monsoons and rains, Goa is also favourable for visit during summer and winter when the entire province sinks in the pleasure of party and other ambeince of excitements.