The top festivals of land of thunder Dragons Bhutan

Bhutan, a small Himalayan kingdom nestled amidst Tibet and India is wreathed as the “Land of Thunder Dragons”. The mountainous province is luxurious in tradition and culture and modernization is approved, and the kingdom is well stuffed with myths and legends. The ravishing natural charm envelopes the entire province and the kingdom is anticipated as a country immensely bound by the sense of culture and tradition.

1. Black Necked Crane Festival: Another significant festival of Bhutan is the Black necked crane festival. It is commonly believed that black necked crane is of grave importance for thelives of the local people. This festival is also a holy dentity for the cultural aspect in Bhutan. The mainreason as to organization of such festival is mainly tocelebrate and to protect the Black Necked Cranesand their entire habitat residing in their country. Thefirst Crane festival was celebrated in the year 1998which was financially aided by an NGO popularlycalled the RSPN. On the onset itself around 70International guests were part of the celebration.image credit:


2. Jambay Lhgakhang Festival: ambay Lhakhang Festival, another of such sacred festival in Bhutan is the Jambay Lhakhang festival which is celebrated every year in the month of October and November. The most appealing factor about this festival is the artistic outfits worn by the mask dancers. This festival is also famous for fire blessing ceremony; the locals perform under huge flaming made by dry grasses. The treasure dance “Tercham” is performed at this festival. Dancers wearing masks participate in the ceremony, especially women who are deprived of having children’s participate in order to deliver God’s blessings. The dance is performed around the bonfire at night. Women from all around the country as well as from outside participate in this festival. image credit:


3. Paro Tshechu Festival: Tsheschu” which literally means 10 days is the annual religious Bhutanese festival. It is held in each and every district of Bhutan. As per the Tibetan calendar it comes on the tenth day of the lunar Tibetan calendar. This festival is celebrated with large gatherings, the social bonding between people from remote villages are depicted. Huge market gatherings are seen at fair locations which uplifts the rigorous commerce. This festival is popular in terms of active participation and huge audiences. The finest vibrant costumes and remarkable skilled art are traits of this festival. Clowns are accessorized with colourful art and varied designs image

.Dance of the Drum from Dramitse, Paro Tsechu (festival), Paro Dzong, Paro, Bhutan

4. Thimpu Festival: Here comes the capital city of Bhutan, the famous Thimpu. Like in Paro, in Thimpu the festival “Thimpu Tshechu” is celebrated every year in the most auspicious manner. Not only the people from Bhutan but also from all over the country come in order to be a part of this festival. Few days prior to this great festival certain rituals are performed by the monasteries in order to please and invoke the deities. The mask dance or chams are strictly performed by the monks. The clowns or “Atsaras” as they are called are of vital importance during this festival. Thimpu festival is as joyful as other festivals in the country. Some believe that Thimpu Tshechu is observed as dedication to Guru Padmasambhava who was a saint in the late 8th century. He was also famous with the name Guru Rinpochhe. image credit: