17 Important Checklists You Should Keep in Mind Before Renting a Car for Tour


image credit: issrentacar.com

If you are going to visit a place, and you have to rent a car service by yourself according to your plan, you must check some points before renting the car. Because it is better investing a little time and effort to ensure comfortable journey than falling in hazardous and embarrassing condition with a faulty car. Besides, if there is a scratch or damage, unnoticed previously, later you may have to pay for the damage that others may have done.

When you are observing a car it is not a hectic thing to do but much easier than you think it is. You just have to keep in the mind some points of observation which will make it a smooth and systematic way for checking.

 What should you do before rental?

1Contact an insurance agent, discuss about verifying the coverage and time of its effectiveness, and of course, about the supplement insurance too, is needed.

2. Ask the road service provider whether the service call is covered on rental cars.

3. Must carry a map with you and look at it fully before getting in the highway. Avoid looking at map in open main road.

 Deeds at a rental counter

4. Do not forget to enquire about the pre-rental car maintenance. Make sure to ask if the complete process of maintenance is done or not.

5. Ask about the deeds on emergency situation like the car breaks down, car key gets lost or the tire punctures etc.

6. Ask for the contacts that would be available anytime if you fall in such situations.

7. Make sure to communicate with the maintenance clerks to see if they are well-trained enough.

 Be suspicious about the car

8. Firstly and most importantly, be confirmed that the license plate of the car is up-to-date.

9. Walk around the four sides of the car to observe the certain damages or scratches so that you are not hold responsible for those in future.

10. The lights are very essential for a car to be driven. Notice if any of the headlights, internal lights or turn signal-lights are faulty or not.

11. Check for the tires definitely. The brand, condition –everything needs to be checked properly so that it does not get you in trouble in the mid of your journey.

12. Splash some water on the windshield so that you can check if the wipers work correctly or not.

13. Ask for the Owner’s Manual and primary car maintenance equipments like extra tire, jack, tool-kit etc. from the car providers.

14. You should be conscious about the anti-freeze, oil, fluids like brake fluid, washer fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid etc.

15. Get in the car and check if the car is completely clean inside and does not contain any bad odor. These might make your journey uncomfortable and might get you sick too.

16. Get acquainted with the cockpit. Gather knowledge about the switches, mirrors, radio system, doors etc.

17. After checking all the points, step inside the car and have a test drive around the place, but avoid the open road for a test drive, as it might be problematic.