7 Things You Must Not Forget to Do in Bhutan

Whatever we know about Bhutan, it creates a picture of peace and harmony about it in our mind. Truly observed, it is one the top ranked happiest countries in the world. Besides, Bhutan spread its hand to the people coming from the whole world to offer the best experiences of their lives. What kind of traveler you are? An adventure monger, a religious person, a photographer, researcher, an animal lover or a random tourist –whatever your interest is, Bhutan will surely fill your thirst. You are going to be introduced a whole new and different kind of life-style as soon as you step your feet on the ‘land of thunder dragon’.
Let’s discuss about some points that attract people towards Bhutan and display some reasons of the variety and colorful appeal of Bhutan to the travel mongers. These are the must do activities while you are on sightseeing in Bhutan.

1. Go on Hiking and Trekking


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The breathtaking experience to trek and hike through the valleys, mountains, jungle etc. is an exquisite part of tour in Bhutan. It’s much different from trekking in the rest of the Himalayas. But you must carry proper and adequate equipments and trained guide so that you do not fall in any trouble while enjoying the adventure in the midst of nature. Trekking through Chomolhari, Druk Path, Dur Hot Spring, Laya Gasa, Bumthang and such marvelous places are favored by the expert trekkers.

2. Ride a Cycle through the Rocks


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Bhutan tour offers some amazing places to explore by riding a bicycle through the rocky hills and in the roads alongside a river or cliff. Usually the cycling trips cover the areas of Bumthang, Thimpu, Trongsa etc and you can visit the Paro Dzong, Punakha Dzong and so many awesome places.

3. Enjoy the Festivals to the Fullest


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Just like the landscape the festivals of Bhutan comes in various colors and customs. They are so amazing that you can hardly forget about them ever. The mask dances in Tshechu Festival is very much enjoyable along with the other ones like Jomolhari Mountain Festival, Nomad Festival, Pema Gatshel Tshechu, Takin Festival and a lot more like these.

4. Feel the Enchantment of the Religious Places


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As Buddhism and its ideals float in the air of Bhutan, it is needless to say that you will be deeply enchanted while entering the monasteries, temples and other places of religious importance. The locations of the monasteries themselves make your mind calm and shower bliss of spiritual peace. Entering the monastery, even entering the country, you can feel that Buddhism is not only a religion that builds a community of people; it is rather a belief, an ideal that the people follow from heart, not pretend to maintain it. People usually go to experience the serenity and have the time to feel the sound of silence in the monasteries like Buddha Dordenma, Taktsang Palphug Monastery, National Memorial Chorten, Tashiche Dzong and so on.

5. Explore the Beauty of Universe


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Undoubtedly, such a varied landscape of hills, forest, valleys, water bodies etc altogether create enormous attractions in the minds of tourists. The backdrop of monasteries, the sites in the cycling or trekking tours etc offer mind-blowing scenic beauty of nature. It will be felt as if the universe is being connected with your soul in these places. And do not ever forget to capture those precious times in the camera as Bhutan holds numerous spots, perfect for photography, that are going to blow your mind with their heavenly beauty.

6. Spot the 600 Variety of Birds


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Over 600 varieties of birds are waiting to mesmerize you in a Bhutan sightseeing tour. Whether it is a wetland, forest, scrub, alpine or agricultural land or human area –the birds may be seen anywhere while you are in a bird watching tour. Rufous-necked Hornbill, Nuthatch, White-naped Yuhina, Chestnut-breasted Partridge, blue Whistling-Thrush & White-capped Water Redstart, Yellow-vented Warbler are some of the most popular and endangered birds species in Bhutan that are a huge attraction for the travelers.

7. Introduce Yourself to New Culture, Cuisine, and People


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From the very first moment you enter Bhutan, its people and culture are going to please you from the core of the heart. Their warm and smiling behavior will touch your heart such a way that you will remember it whole life. Bhutanese culture contains a marvelous variation and the use of colors in their clothes and houses etc build a colorful life-style. And no need to mention about the Bhutanese cuisine. A journey to all the parts of Bhutan will stay incomplete without tasting the awesomeness of the national food Ema-Datsi, that consists chilli cooked in cheese. Besides, you can taste a lot more delicacies to fill your stomach and heart up with satisfaction. Just imagine how much delicious would be the foods of the country which has these much differences in everything!