25 Checklists for Bhutan Sightseeing Trip

When you are travelling at Bhutan for sightseeing tour, remember you are travelling to another country, where things might not be like they are in your land. That is why you need to keep a watch on your necessary everyday things while packing for Bhutan tour. But do not stuff your trip with extra baggage, so take only those things with you which are very much important for your tour at Bhutan. Some of the following items are needed for sightseeing tour in Bhutan and some are important for joining some adventure in Bhutan. You might get some of these equipment there too, but it is better to keep your travel backpack prepared while planning to travel to Bhutan.

As said earlier, while travelling in Bhutan can get you witnessed to some different things, although there are some points which are common wherever you go for trip. You won’t be allowed to carry tobacco goods more than the set limit. Medicines will be allowed into the country only according to authenticated prescriptions. Photography is strictly prohibited inside some of the monasteries and temples, though you can freely take photographs of landscape, jungle, mountains, hills, markets etc and the outer view monasteries. You better not go for long trekking or other adventurous sports in Bhutan, which is laborious for the physical health, if you have asthma or heart issues.

So maintaining all these rules and packing the following items in your bag you can have a wonderful experience of Bhutan sightseeing trip or adventure trip. You can avoid some of the additional things included in beauty and health products, but better not mess with the necessary documents.

1. Traveler’s check document, travel tickets


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2. Passport, visa, boarding pass of airlines


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3. Reservation confirmation of hotel, restaurant etc


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4. Driving and other license


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5. Important contacts for emergency situations


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6. Documents of insurance for travel and medical plan by Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan, through international partner or tour operator

Travel Insurance

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7. Currency exchanged into Bhutanese local currency for easy access


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8. International credit card, visa card or master card


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9. Shampoo and conditioner, body lotion, cleanser, lip balm, soap, sunscreen lotion


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10. Toothbrush, toothpaste, make-up kit, hair brush or comb


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11. Contact lenses, pair of sunglasses, eye-glasses


12. Raincoat, hat, umbrella


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13. Camera with spare batteries, tripod stand, video camera, films


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14. Flash light with spare batteries

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15. Light books or music player for entertainment


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16. Dictionary, maps, guide books


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17. Binocular and small compass

Yellow checkered notepad, compass, binoculars, small sail boat with UK flag, rope and seashell on the beach sand

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18. UV-Ray protection goggles


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19. Aspirin, travel sickness, altitude sickness, antacid and anti-diarrhea pills


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20. Important vaccinations and other hygiene products


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21. Adequate shoes, slippers, shorts, lingerie, socks, skirts, shirts, jeans-pants, trousers, tops etc


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22. Warm clothes like pullover, jackets etc to travel in northern region

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23. A pair of stylish shoes and stylish dresses


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24. Comfortable hiking boots with ankle support and protective from weather and rugged terrain


25. Warm and waterproof gloves, socks, shoes, boots


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