3 Prime Reasons Why You Should Attend Goa Carnival

Goa is considered to be one of the most frequently visited tourist places of India. Well, there is no doubt about that, because this land of ‘sun, sand and sea’ indeed holds a magic in its atmosphere. People mostly favour Goa as a tourist destination of India because of its wide sandy beaches stretching beside the blue coloured water of Arabian Sea. Temples, churches, waterfall, sanctuary etc haunts a lot of tourists across the country and the world throughout the year. Even the night is the time for full on enjoyment here. When you make a visit here, you are about to get confused what to see first and where to go first.

If you can manage a time during February or if you are already on such a plan, you are going to experience something extraordinary thing about Goa. It’s the Goa Carnival, which is held every year in February for four days. It actually starts as party preparations from December and the whole state with its every sculpture, trees and buildings is beautifully decorated with bright colours and lights.

The idea of this carnival developed from the traditional annual fest of Portuguese in Goa, who colonised Goa for a long time. It was a time era of almost 500 years ago, and then came the time of Lent, when people gave up on luxurious life with all frivolities and celebrations. The carnival that you are going to join is an awesome combination of what Goan and Portuguese cultures worked together for to give it today’s form. Here are three reasons which will surely drive you to make your mind for a journey for Goa Carnival.

1. Events


image credit: www.goatrip.co.in

You must be thinking what kind of fun you are going to have in the carnival. Goans will ask you, ‘What kind of fun do you want?”, because definitely only a carnival can offer you such a huge number of events. Want to dance with some rocking music? Or want to see some excellent shows? During a tour to Goa, the carnival presents lots of fun and amusement with musical bands, dancers, parades, acrobatics, fire eaters, theatrical displays and much more type of events. And it will be more exciting if you just get dressed in all red and black costumes to have some moment of fun dancing and bidding the carnival farewell.


image credit: travel.india.com

2. Food

Before ending up, let’s get you aware of one thing. Do not ever miss to taste the food in the carnival. Such delicious items of art they are! It most probably is the most favourite part to all the tourists who come for some sightseeing in Goa. The Food and Cultural event every year shows so much love for food among the people; you cannot help yourself but taste most of those delicacies. Although the restaurants offers excellent dishes, but the best you will get are from the street-stalls.


image credit: retireearlylifestyle.com

3. Expense

Don’t think much about the expense to attend such a grand fest. This is the most interesting thing about Goa Carnival. It will definitely spend some money of yours to perform in the events or in the rally as you have to buy costumes etc, watching the shows and parades is absolutely free. Isn’t that extravaganza?