These 5 Mysterious Locations Should Be on Top of Your Travel Schedule for Kerala

A peaceful state of South India on the Malabar Coast, Kerala, presents wide range of opportunities for tourists to spend sightseeing or touring days with surprises every day. The land of spices in India was a large exporter in the ancient era, even today. Lying alongside the Arabian Sea, Kerala is an amazing places for adventurous people too as you can experience many different activities in Kerala.



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But, if you are interested in a little bit different kind of tourism in Kerala, if you hope and long for moments that blows a chill in your spinal cord and leave you jaws dropped, it also can offer you that. How about having a trip to the mysterious places in Kerala? Or some places with spooky tales about them? Woo! Take a breath and start listing these locations in your next Kerala tour.

1. Haunted Bonacaud Bungalow, Trivandrum


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A vintage style bungalow in Bonacaud of Trivandrum in Kerala, built by an English family during the British rule in India, is considered among the most haunted locations of India. The region offers awesome sightseeing of waterfalls, valleys, hills and jungles. And the alluring bungalow, called GB 25, is a spooky mansion with vandalised doors and broken windows. It will take a daredevil heart to stay here alone, especially at night.

2. The Red Region, Idukki


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The vast forest reserve of the Western Ghats is naturally splendour, and serves excellent coastal curry. This ‘Red Region’ of Idukki received a 2 months’ continuous rainfall 25th July, 2001, a rainfall of blood-red colour. It stained all the clothes and buildings and when collected in pots the red particles settled at the bottom and water turned clean. Scientists say that the red particles are airborne spores of alga, grown in in the local area. But imagine that you are walking on the road or sitting in your garden and bloodlike liquid coming from the sky. How does it feel?

3. Lakkidi Gateway, Wayanad

Lakkidi Wayanad Kerala India

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One of the never, ever, ever to miss haunted sites in India, Lakkidi Gateway in Wayanad district of Kerala, speaks of a soul that is trapped in a chain. During the British rule, an English engineer met Karinthandan, a local nomad who helped him find the shortest route to Thamarassery. In return, the engineer killed him as he didn’t want to share the credit of finding the route, but never succeeded to build the pass. Locals say that Karinthandan’s soul started troubling the travellers until a priest trapped it in a chain and bind it around a tree. Alongside the road to Vythiri, you will see a chain anchored to the ground and climbed tangling the tree.

4. The Tale of Twins at Kodinhi, Malappuram


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Kodinhi, in Malappuram, looks like any other random villages of Kerala, with ordinary lifestyle. But when you enter the village and face doubles of almost everyone that is the time to understand that this is the strikingly extra-ordinary than others. Even the women of this village who married outside mostly give birth to twins or triplets. No wonder Kodhini is called the ‘Village of Twins’. According to doctors, the chemicals present in the water of this area are responsible for this strange phenomenon. The village is now an attraction to the tourists of Kerala to witness 200 twins and 2 sets of triplets.

5. Trichur Forest, Trichur


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The Trichur Forest in Kerala carries mystery in its ambience. The deep green jungle with large range of flora and fauna attracts many adventure lovers, wild life lovers and trekkers from throughout the world. According to most of them, the forest is quite fun and contains some wonderful sites of Kerala but they have hear a whispering sound in the jungles at night, which resembles to the voice of a boy. Some even says that they have seen a boy sitting not far from their bon-fire gazing straight at it and disappearing in the morning. But no harms by the boy have occurred still now.