Planned Trip for Post-Monsoon Season? Go on Trekking in Dooars Region

Dooars lies in the foothills and flood plain region in the south of Eastern Himalayas. Three fourth of the area is covered in more or less dense forests of mixed growth. These forest areas are home to numerous trees, plants, animals, birds, fishes etc of various kinds. Some endangered species are also sheltered here. Such a place with this wide range of variety is an El Dorado for any type of travellers –tourist, researcher, trekker etc.

This vast laid evergreen jungle of Dooars haunts large number of trekkers or hikers every year. Walking through the uneven, muddy paths with wild shrubs and plants, ascending up and descending down the small hills, witnessing the beautiful wild flowers and animals very close –what an experience it must be! If wildlife is to witness directly, jungle hiking or trekking is the best way to do so.

When you are planning a hiking or trekking trips in Dooars, it’s definitely the best option to hire a trusted Dooars travel agent to organise a trek plan for you. You can avoid this if you are well aware about the jungles, locations and directions or if you are an expert trekker. But as jungle of Dooars still holds some mysterious and very deep forests, anyone should contact a Dooars-trekking-package provider agent for group treks with trained and experience guides. And some of them can plan the best trekking tours in Dooars.

Rupang Valley Trek


This is one of the most favourable Dooars trekking destinations. The journey takes around 4days and includes the places like Santal Barie, Buxa, Rovers’ Point, Oomchupani and Rupang Valley.

Neora Valley Trek


This one is probably the most frequently visited route and most attractive too. Trekking at Neora Valley National Park takes to places like Samsing Phari, Tongtongay, Tiger Camp, Rachela, Tangta, Alubari, Ruka, Chaudapheri etc. and takes about 6 days to complete.

Pagsamkha Trek


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This short trek of 3 days is excellent for a weekend trip. The route covers Santra Busty, Buxa, Lapchakha, Kantlumng, Sanchi Phu River, Bhutia Busty (Bhutan), Mahakal, Jayanti, Stalactile Cave and Madarihat.

Tsinchu La Trek

This trek route takes around 7 days and is marked under difficult level. The trail is to walk through places like Jayanti, Saili-Maili Hills, Bhutia Busty (Bhutan), Mahakal, Buxa, Tasigang, Dobana, Ounchhlumn, Rupang Valley, Rovers’ Point, Pam Tshey La, Lhama, Aadma, Mangalbari, Raimatang, Hatipota Village and such exotic locations.

Lepchakha Trek


This easy levelled trekking route includes Raimatang, Aadma, Buxa, Finnish Church, Gumpha Kagyud, Pagsamkha Dzong or Buxa Fort and Lepchakha and takes about 6 days to finish.

Oumchupani Mahakal Trek


Raimatang, Aadma, Tasigang, Oumchupani, Pam Tsey La, Rupang Valley, Lepchakha, Buxa, Mahakal Gumpha, Katlumng River, Sanchi Phu, Rajabhatkhawa –all these places in this trek trip take 7-8days to be covered.