14 Places to keep in mind while planning a Trip to Dooars

From experience of travelers around the world, who have already visited the destination –  Dooars or Duars  which are floodplains and foot hills of eastern Himalayas North-East India around Bhutan consisting to various cities and towns. The word ‘Dooars’ signifies – ‘Door’ in the regional languages, as it is the Doorway or Gateway to Bhutan from India,  as well gateway of Seven Sisters States of India and also an doorway to hill stations like – Darjeeling & Sikkim. The region is divided by the Sankosh River into the Eastern and the Western Dooars, consisting of an area of 8,800 km² (3,400 sq mi).  Dooars is Terrain region ia about natural wild dense forest, mixed with lush green tea gardens, intersected with various rivers, namely –Teesta, Torsha, Jaldhaka, Raidak, Murti, etc.

Dooars Tour

Historical Backgrounds:

Historical Places of Dooars

The history of Dooars is very fascinating and rich for it’s charming cultural heritage. You must visit the place to Dooars to watch the attractions which have got historical significance.  Lush Green Tea Gardens at Dooars are mostly from the British period which exists till date.

Geographical Route:

As per the geographical route is concerned, the Dooars Tarai region is connected to NH31, and AH48. All means of transportation are available to travel around Dooars region with accommodation facilities.

Dooars is most travelers’ favorite destination for which attracts the foreigners as well as peoples coming from south, north India Specially, although from each and every part of India peoples comes to visit the beauty of Tarai in Dooars.

While making a Holiday Trip for Dooars, then we must make sure about certain things before we arriving for the destination that are explained below:

Dooars Tour Package:

There are many local tour operators from Dooars area who are providing the total package in very cheap and negotiable rates.  An average estimation of the Dooars tour packages are as follows –

  • Total Accommodation : Rs. 16,000/- to Rs. 28,000/- Approximately (for 10 days holiday package per head)
  • Impressive Hotels : 2 Star Standard Hotels – Rs. 600/-  to Rs. 800/- Approx ( Per head )
  • Brilliant Luxury Hotels : 3 Star Hotels – Rs. 800/- to Rs. 2,000/- Approx ( Per head )

14 Most Interesting Places for Awesome Holidays in Dooars

There are certain 14 most interesting Sightseeing, Adventurous, Historical and Offbeat places to be visited for a fascinating & adventurous tour to Dooars.

A. Trip for Sight Seeing:

Dooars is rich for it’s natural beauty, where every visitor wants to explore and enjoy the most of it. Places like 

1. Neora Valley National Park, Kalimpong : An awesome park for to be watched, undoubtedly

Neora Valley National Park

Entering the park we see wild species like Panda around the vast Virgin forest which is covered with colorful Canopy Rhododendron trees and dense bamboo grooves. Mountains covered with icy snows adding an immense beauty to the lush green valley and dividing rivers to form a stunning view of waterfalls around the park. We also will get some luxury hotels in Dooars nearby the Park from where we can observe the beauty of Himalayas though the windows.

Locally Famous Delicious Food Stuffs :

For food lovers local spicy stuffs are available, namely – Gundruk ko jhol, Hentay(much smaller than regular momos), Shikar Sukuti ko achar, Shoot and Bed Pork Trotter.

Communication Route:

Way In : Travel route available for departure from N.J.P Railway Station, Siliguri or Junction Station, Siliguri, Tenzing Norway Bus Terminal or Bagdogra Airport near Siliguri, where you will find various modes of travel, such as – Pvt. Jeepsy / Other Four wheeler pvt. Cars, Govt. & Pvt. Buses, and Airway Planes. From N.J.P. it takes about 2.5hrs to reach Kalimpong, coving distance of about 73 kms.

Way Out : After visiting the site, you have to follow the same means of vehicles avail at the previous stoppages for return journey.

2. Samsing : Must visit this place for itz natural beauty of Rocky Island 


It is a terrific experience if you are nature lover to visit Samsing, which is situated at an elevation of 3000ft. We can have a memorable trekking experience on those rocks while enjoying the Lush Greenish Tea Gardens that increases the intensity. Samsing is blessed with wonderful places like– Sunthalekhola, Faribasti, Rocky Island, bank of River Murti, etc. which makes it a complete package of adventure and beauty. Samsing is mostly been targated for sightseeing the mountains of Bhutan and the Jelepa Pass which links Tibet and India.

3. Sunthalekhola:

suntalekhola dooars

Sunthalekhola is situated 4Kms above Samsing where tourists can stay overnight at WBFDC cottages and a Bicameral Bunglow. The name ‘Sunthalekhola’ is derived from ‘Suntaley’ means – Orange & ‘Khola’ i.e, stream.

Tourists go for trekking at Rocky Islands from Sunthalekhola to Rocky Island. The whole area is surrounded by the Green Tea Gardens making the place most attractive for tourists.

Local Food speciality of Samsing and Sunthalekhola :

This place is famous for its Orange production as a speciality which attracts the tourists and fruit lovers whoever visit Samsing.

Route of communication of Samsing and Sunthalekhola :

Samsing and Sunthalekhola are located approx 82 km from Siliguri and it takes about 3hrs to reach.

Way In : Departing for Samsing or Sunthalekhola  we need to start from N.J.P Station,Siliguri; Siliguri Junction, Siliguri; & Bagdogra Airport near Siliguri. Private Jeepsy or four wheeler private cars/ taxis, Buses, etc. are available from Siliguri and nearby.

Way Out : Arriving from Samsing or Sunthalekhola   one must hire Pvt. Taxi or Four Wheeler Private car from stoppage where he previously came and will return to N.J.P. from where he has started. Sometimes the Drivers drop tourists in a place called Darjeeling more or Junction from where one have to take Auto or Bus for N.J.P. station to end the journey. 

 4. Murti, A Scenic Beauty 

Murti River

Prime attraction of Murti is about excellent scenic beauty. Tourist loves this place for watching birds, fishing and camping along with hiking.

Travelling Route :

Murti is 84 km from Siliguri City.

Way In : Leaving from Siliguri we have only way to reach Murti is Roadway by means of Private Reserved four wheeler Vehicles.

Way Out : To return back from Murti we require to take opposite route with the reserved Private four wheeler vehicles through road way.

 B. Adventurous Trip  :

Adventure is on when you are looking for Exciting and Thrilling experience, as Dooars gives you that scope to make the most. I have heard from a friend that he have experienced a adventurous trip where he came across Wild animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, ride elephants, etc. Very interesting places are there in Dooars which makes it more attractive for tourists. Those are mentioned below:

5. Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, A Thrilling Experience for every Tourists

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Rhino is what discovered when entered the Sanctuary, and was thrilled with excitement to start the tour followed by Royal Bengal Tiger, many more surprising Wild Animals to welcome us. Elephant and Jeep Safari are available for adventurous trips in the Dense Forest.

Communication Route :

Jaldapara is located 140 km from Siliguri town and the Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in Madarihat town.

Way In : Departing from NJP station, Junction Station or Tenzing Norway Bus Stoppage we reach Birpara/ Hasimara or Madarihat by means of Buses or Train. Or, Reserve Taxis/ Jeeps could be hired for safe journey.

Way Out : Arriving back from Madarihat, Hasimara/Birpara it is little bit troublesome although you will find the way from the same route you came from.

 6. Buxa Tiger Reserve Forest, An Amazing Experience

Buxa Tiger Reserve

Not only Royal Bengal Tiger but also Cheetah, Leopards, etc. are kept reserved at Buxa Tiger Reserve Forest, which is situated at Alipurduar, under Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal.

Route of Travel :

Way In : Through Train, Road or Air route one can reach Alipurduar Junction from Siliguri or nearby. Or either hire Private Taxi/ Other Private four Wheeler for total journey.

Way Out : While Returning you have all three ways from Alipurduar Junction which can be utilized.

7. Chapramari Forest, An Adventurous Trip


This is a Wildlife Sanctuary situated in the foothills of Eastern Himalayas in the Jalpaiguri district. The primary attraction is the thrilling experience through the Jungle sighting wild animals like – Bosons, Elephants, Leopards, etc. while roaming through the wide dense forest.

Travel Details :

Distance from Siliguri to Chapramari is 64.6 km covered in 1hr 26 mins.

Way In : From Siliguri all three ways communication are available for flight, train and Pvt. Jeep/ Taxi or other pvt. Four wheelers (Reserved and Unreserved) from Siliguri or nearby to Champamari.

Way Out : Arriving back from the same place we have to follow vise-versa.

C. For Historical Trip :

There some certain place in Dooars Tarai region which can be considered for its historical existence. From those some have been highlighted below –

8. Gorumara National Park, a memorable Wildlife Sanctuary :

Gorumara National Park

It is one of the oldest Wild life sanctuary, which was recognized in the year 1949 and was re-discovered as National Park in the year 1992, situated at the bank of river Murti. Reptiles and Herbivores like – King Cobra, Elephant, One Horned Rhinoceros, etc. could be seen while entering the park. Migrating birds also could be watched out for seasonally. Monuments like Watch Towers are found from where one can watch those animals safely.

Travel Route :

Way In : To reach for Gorumara either Lataguri or Chalsa is nearest. Three modes of communication- air, rail and roadway from Siliguri can be used for transportation through Plane, Train or Pvt,. Jeepsy/Taxi or any reserved pvt. Other four wheelers.

Way Out : To get back same 3 modes of communication from Lataguri and Chalsa through Rail, Air and Road by Train, Plane and Pvt. Vehicle(Reserved or unreserved) are needed.

 9. Jalpaiguri Rajbari, A Historical Wonder

Jalpaiguri Rajbari

A royal palace of Raikats, who were the ruler of Baikunthapur Estate. Remarkable Architecture consisting 2 Temples, Gardens, Palace building, a Portico and Concrete Gateway of Palace which was world’s one of the famous largest un-reinforced concrete archway.

Route Way :

Way In : To reach Jalpaiguri Rajbari all three routes of rail, air and road way could be used through Train, Plane and Buses or Pvt. Taxi/other Pvt. Four wheelers(Reserved or Unreserved) from N.J.P Station, Bagdogra near Siliguri and Junction Road, Siliguri to Jalpaiguri Town station, Shovabari, Kadamtala Bus Stop or nearby respectively.

Way Out : To return from Jalpaiguri Rajbari the previous Route from Jalpaiguri Town Station, Shovabari, Kadamtala Bus Stop or nearby Pvt. Taxi or pvt. four wheeler (unreserved) respectively must be taken into consideration.

10. Bodaganj , A Village with Historical Significance


This village is renowned for it’s historical significance where Famous Devi Choudhurani  and her ‘Guru’ Bhabani Pathak ruled the area and it’s forest. Bodaganj is also a holy place of Brahmi Devi Temple which is said to be 51th pith of Sakti sect. There are attractive place other then this like Teesta river bank, etc.

Means of Communication :

Way In : All airway, Railway and land way are available to go from Siliguri or nearby to Bodaganj through Flight, Train and Private Taxi or Other Four Wheeler (Reserved or Unreserved) Vehicles.

Way Out : Same mode of communication are followed in opposite direction to return back in Siliguri.

11. Coronation Bridge, Sevoke : Pride of North Bengal & Dooars

Coronation Bridge

The Coronation bridge is situated above Teesta river at a place named Sevoke, for which it is also known as ‘Sevoke Bridge’. The bridge connects two mountains to build a pass way for Sikkim, Kalimpong, Siliguri and Malbazar. NH31 runs over the bridge creating a heritage for entire North Bengal and Dooars.

Route of Travel :

Distance from N.J.P, Siliguri to Coronation Bridge is 29.7 km covering 56 mins. to reach.

Way In :  To reach Sevoke Bridge airway, railway and road way is available from N.J.P Station, Junction Road, Bagdogra through flight, train and Pvt. Jeepsy or Govt. or pvt. Four wheeler vehicles, respectively.

Way Out : To return from the same bridge, we can use the same route and vehicles.

D. Trip for visiting Offbeat Destinations in Dooars:

Mostly, Photography lovers or Nature lovers’ looks for unique kind of places which are available in Dooars Tarai Regions. Those are truly interesting and in the mean time beautiful. Some Spots suitable for offbeat trip are given below:-

12. Jhandi, Gorubathan, Land of Natural Beauty

Jhandi, Gorubathan

Jhandi is a ideal offbeat untouched location for it’s natural sight of Kanchenjunga, Tropical forest to be watched with climate beauty adding a flavor of satisfaction.

Route map :

Jhandi is 87 km from Siliguri city and 9km from Lava on the way to Gorubathan.

Way In : Hire or Reverse Taxi or Jeepsy or any Pvt. Four wheeler vehicles from Junction Road, Siliguri which will take us to Jhandi, Gorubathan.

Way Out : Here while returning from the trip if we don’t reserve any vehicle previously, it will be troublesome, although there are jeepsies or Other four wheeler (unreserved) which will be required to hire. Even we can find some hotels in Dooars for staying overnight.

 13. Chilapata Forest, A untouched Destination

Chilapata Forest

This is one of the offbeat unique destination where we can explore the riches of nature. Forest Safari through jeep inside the dense forest gives us the luxury to watch real wild animals likes – Rhino, Bison, Deers and many other animals around. Nal Rajar Garh is a fort exists from Kings of Gupta Age that is worth to visit at Chilapata Forest.

Travel Mode :

Distance from N.J.P to Chilapata forest is 71 km.

Way In : To reach Chilapata Forest, we can use all three routs of Air, Rail and Road by means of Plane, Railway and any Pvt. Or Govt. (Reserved or Unreserved) Four Wheeler Vehicles respectively starting from Siliguri or nearby.

Way Out : Again to return back all same mode of communication with Vehicles is required while arriving for Siliguri or nearby. 

 14. Totopara, Offbeat Cultural Tour

Toto para

Small village situated on the Indo-Bhutan border in the tarrain region of Dooars located on the bank of river Torsa. ‘Toto’ are the tribal group of Totopara, who are at present in the verge of diminishing rapidly. Urgency of preserving them is the demand of time, which could be well maintained if we give importance to this offbeat place as our destination for trip.

Mode of Travel :

Distance from Siliguri to Totopara is 149.9 km and time covered to reach is 3hrs. 29 mins.

Way In : To reach Totopara from Siliguri we need to hire a Reserved private taxi or Pvt. Four wheeler vehicles for the total tour. Dooars Car rental are also provided by local tour operators which might be helpful.

Way Out : To return back same pvt. Four wheeler vehicle is followed or otherwise tourist won’t be able to find the way out easily.