Top 11 Destinations you must have to visit while you are in Assam

India is divined to have a lot of beautiful and peaceful destination and hill stations in India donate a lot to the same. Hill stations in India are alluring beautiful and convey unforgettable experiences to all those who love and appreciate natural beauty, pilgrims and adventure seekers.

Natural beauty of Assam

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Assam is synonymous with marvellous natural beauty, be full of wildlife, spotless tea gardens and warm, beautiful people. It’s strategic location in the northeast region of India, and it’s convenience from the rest of the country regards it the gateway to the north-eastern states of India. They serve as an added blessing to the magnificence of the Assam state. The hill stations of the state, with their cloudy scenery, ultramarine hills, Beryl Rivers, and green plantations, are extremely enchant and captivating. They consider amongst the favourite destinations for tourist of every age.

Famous Holiday Destinations of Assam:

1. “White Ant Hillock” – Haflong


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It is the most picturesque traveller attraction of Assam. The name was obtaining from Haflau, Dimasa words, its means the ‘White Ant Hillock’. Haflong is situated at an altitude of 680 m above sea level, is located at about 84 km away from Silchar and can simply be reached; this makes it an utmost visited tourist destination of the state. The entire hill station is encompassed in greenery and the topography is filled with spinning mountain and attractive spots. It is a most attractive places to visit in Assam.

Location: 85 km from Silchar and 345 km from Guwahati
Altitude: 680 m
Must Visit: Haflong Lake, Jatinga, Maibong
Ideal Time: October to April

2. “Bird Suicide” – Jatinga


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Jatinga is located just 9 km away from Haflong city; it is the District Head Quarter of North Cachar Hills. Jatinga is known for bird enigma. The migratory birds come during the month of August to November of the year and it becomes the ornithologist’s attraction. From the raised watch steeple one can see them realizing to their death wish and their little tussock dropping down.

Location: 9 km from Haflong and 330 km from Guwahati
Must Visit: Orange Orchards, Hempeopet Peak
Ideal Time: August to April

3. “The Capital of Kachari Kingdom”- Maibong


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Maibong is located on the Bank of Mahur River and 47 km from Haflong. Maibong once flourished as the capital of Dimasa, Kachari Kingdom. Stone house and temple of Kachari king can be seen at Maibong.  Derivation, the name comes from two Dimasa words ‘MAI’ and ‘BANG’ verbatim meaning “plenty of rice”.

Location: 338 km from Guwahati
Altitude: 355 m
Must Visit: Mahur River, Ramchandi Temple
Ideal Time: October to March

4. “The Land of Garampani”- Umrangshu


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This is one of the best hill stations of the states. It is situated at exact on the border of Assam and Meghalaya states. It is on 112 km away from Haflong city and 224 km away from the city Guwahati. Umrangshu has enormous natural beauty, is one of the unique hill stations of the country.  The largest Hyde plant has come up under North East Electric Power Corporation (NEEPCO) with the dams in the river Kopili. Near Umrangshu, there has Hot spring (GARAMPANI), the water of which is trusted to have great medicinal value.

Location: 112 km from Haflong and 224 km from Guwahati
Must Visit: Garampani, Lake, Kapili River
Ideal Time: November to March

5. The Home of Wildlife – Diphu


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Diphu is a small village as well as a hill station and headquarter of Karbi Anglong district of the states. It is very beautiful and situated on a hill. This is the famous hill station and tourist destination of Assam. Diphu is situated at 271 km away from Guwahati city. It is connected by Railway and land from Guwahati. Dimapur is the nearest Airport, at a distance of 54 km.

Location: 271km from Guwahati and 54 km from Dimapur.

Must Visit: Umang, Taralangso Cultures Centres, Botanical garden and District Museum

Ideal Time: November to May

6. World Largest River Island- Majuli Island

Majuli Island

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There are many pleasing destination in North East region of India that will truly astonish you and the tranquilly artistically riverine island of Majuli is one such place. Nestled between the ever-shifting sandbanks of Brahmaputra River, It is the world’s biggest deltaic island. Every rainy season, the blazing Brahmaputra takes extremely bites out of the Majuli, consuming many houses. Notwithstanding being devastate by nature, Majuli is the first island district of the country, parades a spirited culture and unique scenic beauty.

Location: 300-400 km east from the city Guwahati

Must Visit: Kamalabari satra, Dakhinpat satra, Tengapania, & Garmur

Ideal Time: July to September and October to June

7. “The Blue Hill of Assam” – Nilachal hills

Nilachal Hills

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“Nilachal” means “Blue Hills” in the local language. This hill lays an altitude of 562 feet above sea level. On the Nilachal peak is the Kamakhya temple. All Assam travel agents are keeping this as the most important destination in their Assam tour package.  The myth state is that Goddess Parvathi. River Brahmaputra runs on the northern side of the Nilachal hill. The Kamakhaya temple is over 2200 years old. Excluding its rich cultural heritage, the temple is beauty humanize. It proffers a remarkable sight of hills & rivers. The lands where the part of the body realizes are considered as holy places in the Nilachal hill.

Location: 173 km away from Guwahati city and 4.1 km from Kamakhaya junction railway station

Must Visit: Kamakhaya Temple, Navaghara Temple, & Uma  Nanda Temple etc.

Ideal Time:  October to March

 8. Visit the Ouguri Hill

Ouguri Hill

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The Ouguri lies on the Brahmaputra’s bank and is also another hill station of the state Assam. The place is near Tezpur to city. There is a statuette situated on the top of the hill dedicated to Kanaklata, a stalwart freedom fighter. The place is a serve for rock climbers as the territory is rough.  From this hill you can see the full Tezpur city and the river.

Location:  Just near of Tezpur city

Must visit:  Nameri National Park, Bura Chapori National Park, Chitralekha Udayan & Agnighar Hill

Ideal time: September to march

9. Manchester of East – Sualkuchi


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Sualkuchi is a tiny sleepy village that shows the culture and traditions of the states in its perfect format. The entwine village is however, best known for its expertise and workmanship for making one of the best kinds of silk in Assam and thus deserving its self a nickname of ‘Manchester of East”. One can witness the rustic and ethnicity view of flora and fauna.

Location:  30 km away from Guwahati city

Must Visit: Sidheswari Devalaya, Hatisatra, Hajo and Ganesh Bighraha Temple

Ideal Time: November to march

10. Visit the Lilabari


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Lilabari is one of the beautiful towns situated in the district of North Lakhimpur of Assam. It is located on the Brahmaputra River’s bank and offers a stunning view of the Himalayas. Besides, the village is famous for its airport, which also connects the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The region was controlled by the Baro Bhuyans, the Chutiya and the Ahoms in the 13th century. At the last of the 18th century, the British expel the Burmese, who devastated the resident kingdoms. From 1838, the region was fully under British administration.

Location: 386 km from Guwahati and 8 km from north lakhimpur airport

Must visit: Namdha National Park & Bomdilla Monastery

Ideal time: November to March

 11. Island of Peace – Silchar


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Silchar is the headquarters of district of Cachar of Assam and is the second largest city of Assam. Snuggled on the Barak River’s bank on the southern region of the state, the city has an average altitude of about 72 feet and is eminent for its picturesque beauty and natural magnificence. The city shares with Manipur on the east, Mizoram on the south Bangladesh on the west, and the Barail hills on the north. Due to its scenic location, the region is rightly considered as the ‘Island of Peace’ and is the major entranceway to the neighbouring areas of Manipur and Mizoram.

Location:  Southern Assam, on the bank of river Barak

Must visit: Milroy Sanctuary, Narsing Akhra, Bhuban Hill, Sri Sri Kancha Kanti Devi Temple, Khaspur, & Maniharan Tunnel

Ideal Time: October to April