Things to Do in Gangtok According to Gangtok Sightseeing Map

Visiting Gangtok is the moments when dream come true for people those love everything about a mountain. Gangtok is a tiny city in the lower Himalaya capital city of the Indian state Sikkim. The name means “Hill-top” it is safely said that the city is most beautiful hill station in country.

Gangtok with eye catching view of the Mt. Kanchenjunga, vibrancy and uniqueness colour of culture and tradition and scenic beauty of the city is most attraction for the tourists from all over the country. Lush green mountain slope, heady scent of the hilly flowers, leg behind from the hustle and bustle, pleasant weather, cool mountainous breeze, fauna and flora, most the sweet sound of birds is the paradise on earth.

Gangtok the Gateway of Sikkim 

Gangtok the Gateway of Sikkim

In 2016 a question was raised in my mind there are many hill stations have in India but why maximum number of tourists visit place at least once? To upheaval the answer I planned a vacation to spend in Gangtok with my family.

Finally me and my family way to the Gangtok in the month of September when I reached the city miracle I got my answer. Why it is the best hill station in India? Standing on M.G. Marg Oh My God the only word came from my heart. The city is quit clean, bordered with the endless greenery, hilly tall building, ethnic cultures and tradition, wildlife, mostly the amazing 360 degree view and the ancient historical and modern Gangtok sightseeing. If we try to remember the reason then it’s impossible since the list is endless however it’s memorable for kind of tourists.

Adventures of Gangtok

Adventures of Gangtok

In and around Gangtok have lots of breath taking activities like Sightseeing, Paragliding, River rafting, Shopping, Ropeway Ride, Helicopter Ride, hiking and mountain biking one can enjoy these thrilling activities with the heart touching feel.

Breathtaking Places in and Around Gangtok

1. Tashi View Point

Tashi View Point

It is about 6-8 km from the main town of the Gangtok city, the view from this place make your heart stop. It is a place where you refresh and reform yourself here at Tashi View Point. From Gangtok city in early you will car easily but if booked a car advanced for the Gangtok sightseeing within reasonable car fare then difficulty and trouble will not shown you.

2. Enchey Monastery

Enchey Monastery

The name’s mean is “A High Strong Place” established in the 1840 A.D. by the 10th king of Sikkim- Sikyong Tulku. The monastery is famous for its chines pagoda style.

3. Flower Exhibition Centre

Flower Exhibition Centre

It is a small place where every year annual flower exhibition held here. Flower exhibition centre Located just near of the main town Gangtok.

4. Tsomgo Lake

Tsomgo Lake

Most attractive place in Sikkim also known as the Changu Lake is a glacier Lake which means “source of Water”.  Here you can spend some time and soak in the natural beauty and the weather. In winter season the fully turn into frozen.

5. Nathula Pass

Nathula Pass

After exploring the beauty of Tsomgo Lake turn your face towards the Nathula pass. It is the international border between India and China. It was the only one corridor between two countries. It is open for the people for 5 days in a week.

One Can Also Enjoy at the Same

1. Tashi view point

Tashi view point

Early morning visit the Tashi View Point be the parts of a new days starting with rising sun from the behind of the snow capped marvellous white Mt. Kanchenjunga. After enjoying the situation you can take a small look towards the following destinations which are very near and popular attraction.

More Enjoying Place Around the Tashi View Point

a. Hanuman Tok:

Hanuman Tok

It is a temple dedicated to lord Hanuman. It is perfect pilgrims destination in Gangtok just near of Tashi View Point. The place surrounded by the lush green mountain and peaks.

b. Banjhakri Water Falls:

Banjhakri Water Falls

It is a 100 ft water fall situated in the forested area of the Gangtok city. There have a footbridge and carved path which give you an amazing experience.

c. Himalayan Zoological Park:

Himalayan Zoological Park

It is now among the best zoo in world homes of the Tibetan Wolf, Red Panda, Snow Leopard Siberian Tigers and Yaks animals. Different kinds of birds inside including Rose Ring Parakeets, Hill Mynas, Ring Necked Pheasants, and Blue Gold Macaw also are seen in the Himalayan Zoological Park. Here one can easily mix with wildlife of mountain.

d. Ganesh Tok

Ganesh Tok

Close to the Tashi View Point is a temple dedicated to the lord Ganesh. This is small temple accommodate only few people in same time. It very enthusiasm temple most of the travellers visited and planting sapling as their love days.

e. TV Tower

TV Tower

Just few walking from the Ganesh Tok, it one of the highest TV tower in India. Perfect place for the spectral view of the Gangtok city small numbers of travellers visit the place, they back from the Ganesh Tok point.

f. Paragliding


Most thrilling activity in Gangtok city, various paragliding services providers are offering the three kind of paragliding option. From the sky paraglider can see the snow capped mountain peak and little like ant size city.

2. Enchey Monastery


Approximately 200 years old build; it belongs to the Nyingma order of Vajrayana Buddhism. The Enchey Monastery literally means “the solitary temple”. Maximum number of tourist visits the Enchey Monastery in one time plan but they can easily go to the White Hall, Namagya Institute of Tibetology and many more.

Around Enchey Monastery You Can Also Enjoy

a. White Hall

White Hall

White hall is the building of the state Government of Sikkim where chief minister lives. It is a white coloured amazing typical British architecture surrounded with the lush green garden and flower garden.

b. Namagyal Institute of Tibetology

Namagyal Institute of Tibetology

It is one of famous and important institute in world, Tibet museum in Gangtok. It is established in 1958 for sponsored and promoted the research on Tibet culture and religion.

c. Shopping at Asta Mangala Art

Shopping At Asta Mangala Art

As place’s memory you can buy or shopped some gift and souvenir from the Asta Mangala Art situated just opposite of the Namagyal Institute of Tibetology premises.

3. Flower Exhibition Centre

Flower Exhibition Centre collage

It is permanent Flower show centre near M.G. Marg, here various hilly flower, cactus and many trees are displayed which brings a lovely garden in your mind. But if you think that after visiting the place what you will do simple some place are just near like near about 0.5-1 km you can visit these places also in the same way. For my smooth Gangtok sightseeing I booked a car from a car rental services provider so I recommended book a car advance to avoid the queue and problems.

Some more interest around the Flower Exhibition Centre

a. Gonjang Monastery

Gonjang Monastery

Gonjang Monastery is Just 0.5 km far from the Flower Exhibition centre. Rigzin Pema Choephel was built the monastery in the early of 19th century. It is perfect place for meditation in capital city of Gangtok. H.H. Dalai Lama in 1981 blessed the monastery.

b. M.G. Marg

M.G. Marg

After visiting Gonjang Monastery you can take small walk on the most attractive and popular place of Gangtok the M.G. Marg. Here, simulating spend some time with some adrenalin junky foods.

c. Plazor Stadium

Plazor Stadium

If you are sports lover then you can also visit the Plazor Stadium in Gangtok the largest stadium in the state. Mind blowing construction with middle green big field can draw your mind in your young life.

d. Shopping at Lal Bazaar

Shopping at Lal Bazaar

After visiting the entire place for making your partner happy go and buy some interesting thighs from the Lal Bazaar, largest and busiest market in Gangtok offers all kind of things which you want to buy.

e. Thakurbari Temple

Thakurbari Temple

One of the oldest Hindu Temple in Gangtok on the M.G. Marg established in 1935 for the Hindu community of the city. If you are pilgrim’s lovers then visit the temple and offer a prayer to the god.

f. Rope way In Gangtok

Rope way In Gangtok

See the full view3 of the Gangtok city from the high of the sky the full Ropeway covers 2 km (up and down) the full view from the ropeway just marvellous. It is one of the most attractive place in Gangtok so spend your maximum 1 hours here to do this breathe taking activity.

4. Tsomgo Lake

Tsomgo Lake

Early morning visit the place and soak in the nature and High Mountain and enjoy the pleasant weather. When you reach the place you can also visit.

More Place Around the Tsomgo Lake

a. Refreshing Tea

Refreshing Tea

After spend some time a narrow path take you to the directly a small tea soap where you can enjoy a lovely, refreshing and Himalayan tea with your family friends and soul mate. If baby have with you then doesn’t worry the shop also sell various type Tibetan noodles and snacks. The shop is just about 200mts from the Tsomgo Lake.

b. Shiv Mandir

Shiv Mandir

If you visit Tsomgo Lake early I the morning then a great option for to worship the lord Shiva at the tiny Shiv Mandir situated just near the Lake.

c. Tsent Tashi Cave

Tsent Tashi Cave

It is the one of the holiest cave in Sikkim; way to the Tsomgo Lake you will visit this one. It is cave with only 20 ft high ceiling. The name of the cave came from a naturalist.

d. Shopping


Here have some rented stalls from where you can buy some now boots, jackets, gum boots etc. it is about half a kilometres.

e. Cable Car Rope Way

Cable Car Rope Way

A 975 Meter ropeway had already started here in the year of 2010. The cable cars are drive the passengers from the lake to the nearest hill top pick.

f. Yak Safari

Yak Safari

If you want to do something new then must try the colourfully yak or ponies safari at near Tsomgo Lake. One of the most traffic activities you can enjoy or planned.

5. Nathula Pass

Nathula Pass

I am here to shares about the Nathula pass experience, when I visited the place my guide told me to visit the following place in a single turn.

More Things to Do Around the Nathula Pass

a. Baba Mandir

Baba Mandir

A temple dedicated to an Indian Army Baba Harbhajan Singh and it is situated between the Nathula Pass and Jelepla pass. There has a heart touching story.

b. Jelepla Pass

Jelepla Pass

It is a Jelepla Pass means “the lovely level pass” between mountains. Visiting Jelepla Pass is an amazing experience in between Tibet and Sikkim.

c. Gangteng Monastery

Gangteng Monastery

It is an important monastery of Nyingmapa school of Buddhism, situated just near the Nathula Pass. A place, every brick of the monastery contains the peace and tradition and love of Buddhism established by the First Gangteng Tulku in 1613.

d. Shopping


We always want to some things from the place which is our travels destination so why can Nathula pass excepted when there has the scope. Just a walking road from Nathula Pass there has Sherathang mall.

e. Kupup Lake

Kupup Lake

Bitan Cho is the local of the Kupup Lake. It is a superb tiny lake surrounded by the high mountains and valleys. Without exploring and decide the location it’s too difficult to point out place, most scared lake in Sikkim

f. Trekking


It is one of the best options for the adventures seekers the place offers lots of route for trekking under the guidance proper and certified guided these all are included in a Gangtok sightseeing packages if you book from any travel agents. However some routes are not open for the trekkers and some routes are remain close in winter due to heavy rainfall.