List of Top Places to Visit in Goa at Night

Goa is the most popular voyage state stationed in western India with coastal region of the Indian peninsula. It covers an area of 3702sq km. The geographical location of Goa is between 15°48’00” North to 14°53’54” North Latitude and 74° 20’13” East to 73° 40’33” East Longitudes. Goa has two districts north Goa and south Goa. North Goa headquarters is Panaji and south Goa headquarters is Margoa.

Panaji is capital of Goa and Panaji, Margoa, Vasco, Mapsua, Ponda, Vagator are the main cities of the Goa. Goa is India’s smallest state by area and the fourth smallest by population. Goa has a coastline of 101 km beside experiences maritime climate for its location on coastal side.

Goa at a Glance

Goa at a Glance

Goa has always been recognized as the favorite pastime and perfect trip destination or both locals and tourist. Also it becomes nightmare for most people after their first visit to Goa as its enchanting location, various entertainment and utmost for hosting exciting nightlife which obviously hunt anyone to visit Goa with a affordable Goa tour package once again. Goa’s whopping tour popularity is among every age and place carried with their hidden wildness to enjoy the nightlife, beach shack and stargazing is worth. So the name Goa itself is powerful to attract the huge tourist flock.

Chill the Night in Goa

Chill the night in Goa

Goa the biggest tourist spots with craziest nightlife available from entire India. Goa has everything that you can think of under nightlife Goa is hushed during the day, but night comes with dazzling heat and there are many amazing places to visit in Goa with a dynamic entertainment, scene of bars, clubs, and casinos, particularly in larger towns and cities like Calangute and Panaji.

Both couples and singles can enjoy Beaches site of Baga and Calangute along the entertainment like jet-skiing, parasailing, banana boat rides, water scooter rides and more. Amazing nightlife is offered in Goa is indisputable which is very rare among other place. The casinos or having a beach-side bonfire-barbeque night is worth visiting. The best places to visit in Goa at night are mentioned below-

The Beach Shacks and DanceFacing the Sea at Night in Goa

Facing the Sea at Night in Goa

In season or mostly in peak time of Christmas the beautiful beaches make it tourist hotspot at night. After the stunning sunset in Goa rapid change at night takes place  with music, colorful lights and cocktail, mocktail party enlivens everyone heart whether couple, family and single. The Goa is exciting tour for domestic and international people to rejuvenate your night life equally as day life with numerous beach shacks in Goa for eat and dance. Some famous beach shack are listed below

Bobby’s Shack located in Candolin the reason why this beach is famous for tourists is that of its Wednesday Night Barbecque and Sunday Roast. You can enjoy the night time with delicious food. Curlies Beach Shacks considered every ones favorite’s serves best food with woolgathering music. Café Del Mar located in Palolem beach, attractive design of restaurant offer you reasonable budget, amicable and unique taste of food. Tantra Beach shack hut located at the end of the Anjuna Beach and at night you can sleep under open sky, cool place, listen the sound of waves hitting shore so divine you can also sleep in ground or book cabin to have fantastic shack experience. Monica shack situated in Candolin Beach is fabulous beach shack offers every facility with good ambience and seafood. Couple can enjoy the splendid candle light dinner. Rayan and Goa beach is another fantastic beach shack in Goa.

Night Clubs in Goa – Discotheques

Night Clubs in Goa

There is no similarity with the nightlife of Goa; one of most vivacious nightlife is found here. Party animals who want to enjoy fullest and bypass the tension are for perfect place. In Goa night club people can dance in any type of music according to their choice. For years, party lovers have been flocking here Year after year for its, enigmatic pubs and ambient live music. We have listed you the popular night club along the Goa night clubs entry fee below-

Club Cubana is in uphill of Arpora most popular among party animals that can rock till morning with your favorite songs. Club is usually dark and has neon light effects which electrify your party also have many places to enjoy for couples like poolside, disc, hilltop or calm place with cushion, vip sit and Wednesday is ladies day free entry for them and the minimum entry fee for two people is 2,000 (approx,). It offers temptation to dance even for non dancer too. Titos club is best night club in Goa in Baga coast with pack of both domestic, international crowd. It is among the trendiest chill out nightlife in Goa for couples. Entry fee varies according to number of person for couples (Sunday to Thursday) 15, 00 (approx) per Scouple, stag entry 2,000 (approx) per person and free entry for ladies.

sinQ ou’ll nightlife beach in Goa is wonderful club and happy to know, SinQ often has DJ Aqeel and DJ Suketu playing on Saturday nights, making sure you dance till your feet hurt. Cafe mambos just beside the Baga beach are worthy to spend money. Most crowded and energetic club with vibrant music, dance and good staff will make your nightlife most memorable. And entry fee is affordable 1,500 for two people (approx). Titos world café is among the famous place in Goa with outstanding food and open bar, fascinating live performance by artist with fire also bit scary. Another is Cohiba club is modern ways of lounge and bar with live music event. The amazing bar is located in Sinqueri. Entry fee 1,500 for two people (approx).

Saturday Night Market

Saturday Night Market

Saturday night market is located in Arpora between Baga and Anjuna offers you live music, food, bars, and restaurant stalls of different cuisines and during the tourist session it is very crowd. Even the nightlife in Goa for single is exciting. Everything is available in this market from design cloth to accessory, spices to vintage item, shoe, metal work and much more. Along the way it holds the night concert. The market is arranged gloriously in three sets. And timing is November to April: 06:00 pm – 02:00 am and cost is affordable according to budget. The Lower Field offers the usual cheap local clothes, footwear, hammocks, carpets and pashminas while the Central Field is known for having beer, spirit & wine bars and food stalls with several of Goa’s popular restaurants. The Upper Field on the other hand has an array of international designer shops and boutiques and a few local merchants.  A little ahead along the Baga beach, there is a smaller market called Mackie’s Saturday Night Bazaar in Goa which has a relatively smaller crowd but equally good food, music and things to shop for.

Party Cruises

Party Cruises

Goa cruise boat provides you party group, birthday party, bachelor/ladies party that make you present in paradise .It unique experience from bar, pub. There many boat cruise available but among them the most amazing are Go bananas involve romantic party, anniversaries, wedding party with affordable price. Yacht Charters & Cruises Yacht hire in Goa lets you explore at your own pace the scenic beauty of the coastline of Goa and the rustic charm of Old Goa with its Portuguese landmarks. Yachts have music and a DJ console for nonstop entertainment on board. The crew can drop anchor along any of the beaches if you desire to go for a dip. It offers affordable rate and make trip memorable.

All Night Casinos

All Night Casinos

Goa is famous for casino found both onshore and offshore. Tourists are found in large we find almost people gambling in Goa’s casino. They take great pride and interest in gambling rather thinking it as illegal. So, one can feel free to try his or her luck here. There are 10 Casinos in Goa, six are land based and four are floating casinos on the Mondovi River in Panjim, Casino Deltin Royale, Casino Deltin Jaqk and Casino Pride. But there is some restrict for onshore casinos but more offshore casinos are available that rule the gambling world of Goa.

One of the largest and most luxurious onshore casinos of Goa, Casino Paradise is a favorite destination for the nightlife gamblers. Housed in Hotel Neo Majestic the electronic slot machines facilitate the whole process of gambling by saving a lot of time if you want goes away from noise than chill out in deck moreover the love passion karma lit up with fire in river is eye jolting.

Casino Royale in Panaji River is luxurious offshore with adventurous and sumptuous food; meticulous care of staff is wonderful experience. Pride group and Deltin group is other major offshore casino. There are plenty of Casinos on ground as well for those who want to try their luck at the game of money. Las Vegas Café near Candolim Beach is the popular ones in the nightlife of Goa.

Silent Noise Parties

Silent noise party is mainly found in Goa.It is something different to hear from south Goa that is running popular among youth, teenage, couple, Silent Noise Parties.

Mainly the trend of silent noise party is available in Palolem favored by backpackers, couples and Lonely Paradise with silent, taken away and clean beach. No noise after 10pm, hence the innovative “silent discos”. The Beaches in Goa were silent parties are held is mentioned below-.

Arambol Probably the most popular beach with people of all nationalities (especially Russians of late) and the historic hippy heart of Goa. Some bars on the beach stay open until around 2am, but without music.


Anjunaast stand (highly illegal) is Goa trance party. If you want to drink and rave all through the night, this is pretty much the only place in Goa where you’re likely to be able to do it.


There are three regular silent discos in Palolem Beach they are as follows – Headphone Party Laughing in Buddha on Tuesday. Headphone Party held in Goa Alpha Bar in Thursday. Silent Noise Neptune Point organised on Saturday season, which lasts from November until the end of April – basically until the monsoon season arrives. All above you will have complete fun looking at booze dance and song crazily.

Star Gathering on Goa beach

Enjoy an exotic celebration for couple in a romantic way in wonderful beach of Goa with dawn of day while taking hand of your beloved under the star lit. So most dazzling beach for star gazing are as follows-

Calangute also known as ‘diva of beaches’. It is surrounded by palm and coconut tree were the couple can have romantic walk under its shade. So feel the trance with good accommodation along beach walk, stargazing in Goa.


Candolim is silent place attract more couple, honeymoon and family. Perfect, clean excellent hotels and restaurants are available here. The beach is peaceful make your night perfect for star gazing, relaxation.


Agonda is embodied with beautiful beach with many restaurant and food stall opened by local villagers. The great site of beach will make you calm and give you moment of solace in stargazing. Other stargazing beaches are Mandrem, Anjuna .So grab the chance and experience the soothing peace of watching sunset with star appearing in trance .Huge flock come here to gaze and enjoy the serene beauty

Ayurvedic Theraphy

Ayurvedic Theraphy

Goa is perfect place to relax beside various energetic entertainment site you can pamper yourself with ayurvedic therapies of Goa that will rejuvenate you .They will provide you preventive massage with oils and herbs that revitalizing and heal .The therapies include the five natural elements air, water, earth and fire that will make your mind and body soothing and refresh. So take the advantage of the healing therapies along with Goa tour.

Goa plays some part for tourist troubles —, nudist beaches of the and more recently, to pedophilia rackets. But the harpoon in murder and rape incidents took at past has worried otherwise jaw dropping Goa is worth to spend money.

Practical Advice before You Trip for Goa

Goa is a famous for its night life. But, while you are partying and enjoying yourself, you should be extra vigilant. No trip is ever perfect in every way. There are always those little things which remain in your. So if you want have memorable trip than follow some term s and condition .before you embark for Goa follow certain norms-

  1. Do not indulge in hawk of drug is punishable offence and if accused will detain you for life time imprisonment.
  2. Never take any food and drinks from strangers because they clever enough to trap you making you drowsy and take your valuables and even may harm you.
  3. Never walk alone in lonely and slum areas at night.
  4. Don’t walk in Narrow Street across the town at night.
  5. Be caution before swimming and beach walk at night.
  6. Do not break any traffic rules or disrespect the Goa traffic while you drive.
  7. Carry your money and travel documents undercover shield a Moneybag hang around your neck or shoulder.
  8. Most safest and reliable trip is possible when your wallet is in safe location .For your amenities it best you take ATM cards rather than huge sum in your bag. So you can withdraw money from anywhere in Goa.
  9. There is voltage difficulty so be smart enough to carry voltage adapter.
  10. Be aware of the hotels being authentic as they may racket hotel while dupeing people in name of certified hotel and may ruin your trip and make you visit in police station.
  11. Alien people who taking trip Goa must get detail information about taxi fare,hotel charge before bold deal.
  12. Do not hand out money to beggars; they may take advantage by looting your money.
  13. Use repellents and mosquito nets to protect yourself from insects and mosquitoes.
  14. Money, passport must be kept at safe within your eye distance in hotel before you venture in Goa beach.
  15. If you want enjoy the local bus ride than be sensible of prompt and beside no available of bus stop on certain way.
  16. Bargain in most small place is done so don’t hesitant to give a try.
  17. Always take the assistance of government for any information.
  18. Say no to the articles made from unknown/endangered species of animals as such articles are banned under law in Goa.

Do not Smoke and spit in public place. It is prohibited. Although Goa is a pretty safe place as compared to other parts of India but it is always better to be secure before facing trouble.