7 Must Knowing Facts about the Best Time to Visit Yumthang Valley

Yumthang valley is an alpine valley in North Sikkim which is known for its exquisite nature beauty, which is also a tourist destination of Sikkim. It is situated at an elevation of 11800 feet above the mean sea level that offers a breathtaking landscape combing the alpine meadows, rhododendron forests and snow peaks of the Himalayan with Lachung River cutting acroos the valley. Yumthang is the land of “the valley of flowers” as popularly described by the tourists, a land of 100 species during its best time to visit Yumthang valley is during April-May. Yumthang is very closed in the months of December and March due to its heavy snowfall.

Yumthang Valley

During the spring months the area blooms with rhododendrons, primulas, poppies, iris and other flora and also in the summer months, villagers take their cattle to gaze at the heights which are termed as yaylag pastoralism. Yumthang valley Zero Point at an altitude of over 15,000 ft which is further up and about 23kms, and takes another 1.5 hours from Yumthang by vehicle.

Accommodation Available at Yumthang Valley

Accommodation Available at Yumthang Valley

Visitors stay at Lachung to visit the place Yumthang from where the valley is about an hour’s drive, there is no avail of accommodation at Yumthang valley hotels. From few years several hotels and resorts have come up in Lachung where the facilities are clean and descent but it cannot be compared to other more upmarket destinations. Food with its accommodation will be arranged as part of a package tour to Yumthang package cost within a budget. There is Government restrictions on movement of tourists in North Sikkim as the areas are boarders of Chinese Tibet and hence you cannot book a hotel and make travel plans on your own, and a hotel is booked only as part of a package tour.

Best time to Visit Yumthang Valley and Its Knowing Facts

Best Time to Visit Yamthang Valley

Yumthang Valley and its climate condition vary according to the season and it is possible to visit the place only for a short schedule of time period. Season’s experiences constant rainfall and tourist activities are affected during this period, whereas winters are harsh and the place is closed for tourism during this time period, as heavy snowfall blocks most of the roadways.

  1. The summer season is during the months from March to May and it is the peak tourist season. Yumthang Valley temperature are mild, day temperature can drop down to a low of around 10 degrees Celsius during the summer season. Yumthang Valley in April is termed as the best season of the year where the temperature ranges from 14 to 20°

Yamthang Valley in April

2. The monsoon season starts in June and extends till the end of September. However rainfall tends to affect all the outdoor activities due to its South West Monsoon is responsible for bringing rainfall to the regions and it is thus possible to visit during this time.

Yamthang Valley in September October

3. Yumthang valley in December is the winter season and it continues till February and the temperatures are well below the 0 degrees Celsius which is mark during this time and the place is closed during this period. Month of January is the coldest month of the year where human existence becomes very harsh for the visitors.

Yamthang Valley in December

4. Desires for the clean blue sky with most of the peaks visibility is in the month of October and November which is most ideal.

Yamthang Valley

5. Due to heavy snowfall Yumthang Valley remains closed between Decembers to March, best time for those who wishes to see the snow is in the month of April and May.

6. During the month of June the valleys comes to its full glory when different flowers and species blooms at this Yumthang Valley weather.

At a very high altitude Gurudongmar is situated at the North Sikkim with elderly persons with the breathing problem or for young kids due to its heights, and you may approach Yumthang Valley though, but at the coldest time you must avoid the Zero point.