9 Unknown Facts About Dooars Weather Cast

Exposing Natural Beauty and Tourism Prospects of Dooars

Dooars Weather Cast

Dooars is one of the undefiled habitations in the country where nature is profusely abounding with flora and fauna. The vast expansion of greens is cress-crossed by the River Teesta and her innumerable tributaries that appear like a silver thread against the approaching dusk. The enchanting motorable roads cut through the lovely deep forests replete with wildlife and charming plains. The melody of the birds’ song and grooves compels you to surrender to the enchanting allure of nature.

Dooars Weather

Dear Travelers! If you are planning to witness the allure and serenity amid the lush green woods of Dooars, there are few key factors that you must be aware of. The entire Dooars is segregated into three parts, i.e; Eastern Dooars, Central Dooars, and Western Dooars. Hence, the weather of Dooars varies between the unbearable heat of the plains and the pleasant weather of the hills. Nevertheless, the entire region is favorable for a perfect getaway for an ideal break throughout the year.

So, here we are projecting some facts about the Dooars Weather and Season so that you can prepare yourself an ideal schedule according to the prevailing season for your perfect holiday.

Summer (March –June):

Summer in Dooars

As summer approaches with excruciating heat it’s time for people to rush for some of the best destination in India. So, the obvious choice would always be Hill stations. The misconception is that all the places in Dooars are mostly plain and are not suitable for summer due to its hot weather conditions. There are certainly many places in Dooars like Jaldhaka, Samsing, Suntalekhola, Rango, Dalgaon, which are based in the high altitude hilly regions and have cold and moderate climate throughout the year. Such places have more adventurous features than any other summer and monsoon destination of Dooars region.

3 Unknown Facts About Summer in Dooars:

  1. Dooars region experiences light rain due to extreme humidity.
  2. Few places in Dooars experience cold weather throughout the year.
  3. The temperature rises up to 38 degree Celsius.

Monsoon (July -September):

Dooars in Monsson

Many people do not consider Dooars as the best time to visit in July and August, because this is the time when most of the National Parks like Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, Gorumara National Park, Buxa Tiger Reserve, Chapramari Wildlife Park are declared closed and entries are strictly prohibited due to the animals’ breeding season. However, this is the best time to avoid crowds and witness the Dooars forests regain its vivid greenery after a long dry season. The incessant downpour makes it the most romantic season to explore Dooars. Resorts also offer off-season discounts. So even if you cannot enter into any National Parks, you can always enjoy the rejuvenating scenery of greens, flowers, and butterflies through a day’s tour and retire in the cozy comforts of the luxurious cabins along with enchanting twilight.

3 Unknown Facts About Dooars in Monsoon:

  1. Sanctuaries are closed in monsoon.
  2. Lucrative off season discounts on resorts.
  3. Monsoon is the breeding season of the animals in sanctuaries.

Winter (October -February):

Winter in Dooars

Winter is considered to be the ideal time to explore Dooars region, which begins from October with the temperature dipping down to 5 degrees. During this time the rainfall becomes rare and the weather remains pleasant. The cool weather makes Dooars tourist treasured destination and also favorable for safaris and exploring sanctuaries. Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, Buxa Tiger Reserve, Jayanti, Raimatang, Lataguri is bestowed with the pleasant weather during this time.

The excitement, enthusiasm, and the unity of the region are worth beholding during this season. The exclusive Teesta Tea and Tourism Festival are celebrated in November and December. The multiple activities like water sports, picnics, cultural events, festivals, are real fun to be a part of and make it a great time to visit the Dooars in winter.

3 Unknown Facts About Winter in Dooars:

  1. Dooars is the most preferred destination in winter.
  2. Travelling is easy during winter in Dooars.
  3. Temperature in winter drops down to 5 degree Celsius.