Beyond the Major Tourist Attractions: 27 Offbeat Places in Rajasthan

The Western side of the country it is located Rajasthan, where it comprises of the widest and inhospitable the Thar Desert which is also known as the “Rajasthan Desert” and “Great Indian Desert.” It is a place where it shares the border with the Pakistani provinces of the Punjab to its Northwest and Sindh to the West, along with the Sutlej-Indus of the river valley. It is a place elsewhere it bordered of the five other Indian states that are Punjab to the north; Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to the northeast; Madhya Pradesh to the southeast; and Gujarat to the southwest.

The state of Rajasthan was adopted by the British Raj, by the name Rajputana and was formed on 30 March 1949 in its dependencies in the region of India. Further, it was merged into the Dominion of India. Its capital and the largest city is Jaipur, which is also known as the Pink City which is located in the states of the eastern side. Another connectivity of the other cities is the Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bikaner, Kota, and Ajmer.

So why not travel to these offbeat places in Rajasthan which are lesser-known but equally beautiful places now so that you may transform to the major tourist’s destinations for your travel time. You must, also would like to stay away from the popular tourist circuit then you can explore these twenty-seven hidden places to visit in Rajasthan.

Tourist Attraction to Include in Your Bucket List When You are Going for Rajasthan Trip

1. Hidden Treasure of Rajasthan, Rawla Narlai:

Hidden Treasure of Rajasthan, Rawla Narlai

If you would like to explore the hidden treasure of Rajasthan tour without being falling into the same old routine of visiting the tired places you must consider visiting this place called as Rawla Narlai. It is located in the southern Rajasthan and it is a 17th-century fortress which is also located beneath a massive of 350ft high rock.

2. Quaint Little Town of Mahansar:

Quaint Little Town of Mahansar

Located in Shekhawati, the quaint little town of this place, which is relatively a greenhorn when it comes to the travel circuit. This was established in the year 1768, and is located about 40 km from Jhunjhunu and that never fails to put a big smile on your face with its artworks and paintings.

3. Impressive-Looking Fort houses, Kuchaman:

Impressive-Looking Fort houses, Kuchaman

In the year 1781 AD founded by Thakur Zalim Singh, Kuchaman, which is a distance of approximately 100 Kilometres from Pushkar, which is a small village that houses the impressive looking fort. It is the place which maintains a safe distance from the musty effects of the commercialization.

4. Covered with the Bamboo Grooves, Banswara:

Covered with the Bamboo Grooves, Banswara

You can find that in the district of Banswara is covered with the bamboo grooves which are a trait that was responsible for its nomenclature. It is a tribal country that is inhabited mostly by the Bhils community. Also to know it is located between Udaipur and Chittaurgarh, Banswara bears to witness the ancient city that lies in ruins today.

5. Get the Touch of the Richness of Colour, Barmer:

Get the Touch of the Richness of Colour, Barmer

The district of the Barmer which is a place where you can find the richness of the color, the warmth of the locals, and the sweetness of the age-old traditions combine together to produce as an amazing cocktail that the travellers don’t seem to get enough of them.

6. Nestled at a height Kumbhalgarh:

Nestled at a height Kumbhalgarh

At a height of 1100 mts which is nestled above the sea level called as Kumbhalgarh. In the Aravali hills that are located about 80 km from the Udaipur which is easily overlooked at the destinations by most tourists. Many of us don’t know the fact of this place that Kumbhalgarh fort has our Indian version of Great Wall of China.

7. Little Known Gem of the Place Bundi:

Little Known Gem of the Place Bundi

Bundi is a place which is a little known gem that is not hounded by the tourists yet like some of the more famous places of Rajasthan which is just about 40 km from Kota, Bundi is surrounded by the Aravalli hills on its 3 sides.

8. The former Princely state is known as Jhalawar:

The former Princely state is known as Jhalawar

Located at the south-eastern of Rajasthan, Jhalawar which is a former princely state which known as for its old temples forts and palaces. During the reign of the Aurangzeb, much of the city was destroyed and one can find the city dotted with its many ruins of the past.

9. In the Desert- Osian Capital of Marwar Kingdom:

In the Desert- Osian Capital of Marwar Kingdom

An Osian is in the desert and is the erstwhile capital of the Marwar Kingdom which is about a 65 km from Jodhpur. The city is not so popular among the tourists but yet it has many old temples going as far back as in the 8th century.

10. Get a Glimpse of the Carved Stonework at Baroli:

Get a Glimpse of the Carved Stonework at Baroli

A group of the exquisitely with the curved stonework in the 10th-century temples by Chambal River is the setting that you would see if you visit in the Baroli village in Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan.

11. To know Its Fort and Havelis in Mandawa Town:

To know Its Fort and Havelis in Mandawa Town

It is in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, Mandawa which is a small town known for its fort and Havelis. These Havelis belong to the old trading or for the Marwaris communities and is quite a few of them are being restored and are converted into the heritage hotels.

12. Stunningly Beautiful Tal Chhapar Sanctuary:

Stunningly Beautiful Tal Chhapar Sanctuary

The stunningly beautiful Tal Chhapar Sanctuary is in the Rajasthan and is a delight for the photographers and for bird lovers. To reach at one of the last surviving grasslands is in the plains, and in these regions, you can witness hordes of Demoiselle cranes crossing over the great Himalayas.

13. Hunting Lodge of Lakshman:

Hunting Lodge of Lakshman

What is Rajasthan if you have not witnessed the true-blue royal to indulge at one at the Lakshman Sagar, which is also a hunting lodge for the Rajasthan royals on the edge of the Aravali.

14. Monkey Temple of Jaipur, Galta:

Monkey Temple of Jaipur, Galta

It is a must seen place when you are travelling to Rajasthan and here’s why it is situated in the between 2 cliffs, and it structure is simple with the magnificent with polls of water inside. As the name suggests it is said that there are plenty of monkeys at this place who not only come to visit the temple but also to have a dip at the pool inside.

15. Surrounded by the States Deogarh Major Cities:

Surrounded by the States Deogarh Major Cities

By the state’s major cities surrounded by Udaipur (135km), Jodhpur (150km) and Jaipur(275km) as this hamlet which was also a fort at one point of time and it is far enough from them to feel a sense of peace.

16. Visit the Monumental Spot of Chand Baori:

Visit the Monumental Spot of Chand Baori

It is a 1.5 hours drive from Jaipur, which is a great monumental spot that you should visit during your trip at Rajasthan. It is a 1000 year old steep well that has over a 2000 steps and it is nothing short of its magnificent beauty. And the best part of this place is there is no entry fee.

17. Magnetic Fields Music Festivals at Alsisar:

Magnetic Fields Music Festivals at Alsisar

The annual Magnetic Fields of the Music Festival in December, Alsisar perhaps is the best known with its hipster set for playing host. It is a place for its quiet comfort and immersion into a different side of the Rajasthan.

18. Exceptional Rewards to Churu:

Exceptional Rewards to Churu

It is placed Churu which isn’t close to Bikaner and it is about a 180km away. It is a well-maintained Haveli with the colourful frescoes on its walls of the gorgeous temple complexes and the crumbling Sethani Ka Johara reservoir is all worth a visit place.

19. Rao Bikaji Camp Safari/ Desert Safari:

Rao Bikaji Camp Safari/ Desert Safari

A trip to Bikaner is incomplete if you have not spent a day, or better yet a night in the desert. Camel takes you into the Thar Desert where the golden sand beckons in its every direction.

20. Jain Temples of the Lodhruva:

Jain Temples of the Lodhruva

Assaults from the Mughals Lodhruva suffered, but at each time its rulers resurrected in this village into a place which is even more beautiful. It has some of the more stunning temples in the region the ruins of Lodhruva, 7km from Jaisalmer, have some of the more as well.

21. Classic Rajasthan Trip at Ranthambore:

Classic Rajasthan Trip at Ranthambore

It is a temple, a fort and a tiger is what you need to complete that the classic Rajasthan trip and its beauty of Ranthambore promises all three. It is situated at 162km from Jaipur and is the national park which is one of the largest in North India.

22. Tiger Reserve and the National Park lie at Sariska:

Tiger Reserve and the National Park lie at Sariska

The Sariska is the Tiger Reserve and the National Park that lies at a distance of 107km from the Jaipur and while its tiger population has been swindling in the recent times as it is a serene place lacking the usual crowds.

23. Samode Palace, Outskirts of Shekhawati:

Samode Palace, Outskirts of Shekhawati

From the Jaipur it is only 42 km and is on the outskirts of the Shekhawati, Samode is known for its 475-year-old place which is how a heritage hotel.

24. Heritage Hotel the Ramathra Fort:

Heritage Hotel the Ramathra Fort

It is a fort which is now is a heritage hotel, but was given as by the Maharaja of the Karauli to his son Thakur Bhoj Pal in the year 1645. It is also named after Lord Ram, legend says which has the hilltop fort and has an enviable view of the surrounding farmlands, forests and the Kalisil Lake.

25. Kuldehra, Paliwal Community around Jaisalmer:

Kuldehra, Paliwal Community around Jaisalmer

On the 84 villages of the Paliwal community around the Jaisalmer which were abandoned with the overnight, over a 500 years ago. This place is the most popular among the magnificent around the house of the protagonist in the legend for its hunting.

26. Historic Gateway Dundlod Fort:

Historic Gateway Dundlod Fort

If you are looking for the historic gateway, then you can make your way to the Dundlod Fort which is approximately 150 km from the place of Jaipur. This is also a heritage hotel and you can soak in the heart of Rajasthan lifestyle.

27. An Elephant Camp at the Dera Amer:

 An Elephant Camp at the Dera Amer

Located in a private forest in the foothills of the Aravalis, Dera Amer is an elephant camp in where visitors can live with the elephants. The camp is as famous because of the camp organizes elephants treks through the forest and in the surrounding villages.