11 Unknown But Must-Visit Places In Goa For Real Travelers- Don’t Miss

Goa basically needs no introduction. Its long coastline, pristine beaches, amazing backwaters, and the sprawling Goan nightlife are known to all of us. Well, these are the things that come to our mind while thinking about Goa. But did you know, apart from all these mesmerizing places and fun-filled activities to do, the city is also one of the most sought after destinations for heritage architectures and some secluded places which have remained tucked away far from the visitor’s sight. So with these lesser-known places, let us try painting a different picture of Goa, here we are presenting a few off-beat places in Goa hoping to get you deeper into the history and archaeology.

1. Kakolem Beach


Also known as the Tiger’s Beach, the tiny Kakolem is one of the most isolated beaches in entire Goa. Although a little hard to find, once you’re there, you won’t be feeling like departing. The scenic beauty and gorgeous views of the surroundings will leave you stunned.

Location: 31 km from Margao city and 7 km south of Cabo De Rama Resort, South Goa.

2. Cabo De Rama Fort


Once captured by the Portuguese in the 1700s, Cabo De Rama is perhaps one of the oldest forts in Goa. Though the fort is not well-maintained, the views of the ruins lying amid vast grasslands and dotted cashew trees on either side are simply breathtaking.

Location: Canacona, Goa.

3. Chorla Ghats


The strikingly misty and enthralling forest of Chorla Ghats is particularly a haven for adventure loving souls and people who are pursuing studies in biology. The lush green forests of the region will allow you to spot some of the endangered and rare species of fauna like wolf snake, Indian Leopard, Nilgiri Tahr, etc.

Location: North-east of Panaji, Goa.

4. Harvalem (Arvalem) Falls


The clear and majestic views of Harvalem Falls are an absolute delight to watch. Having been situated amidst the dense forests and within the vicinity of Rudreshwar Temple, it is indeed a perfect place for those who are looking for a peaceful & tranquil ambiance.

Location: Rudreshwar Colony, Sanquelim, Goa

5. Arvalem Caves


Arvalem Caves, also known as the Pandava Caves is one beautiful example of the heritage architectures of Goa. Legend says that the Pandava brothers of the famous epic Mahabharata sought their refuge in these caves during their exile. Besides history, the mysterious aura and intrinsic rocky foundations of the cave never fail to fascinate the visitors.

Location: 9 km from Bicholim, North Goa.

6. Fort Tiracol


The 17th century Old Portuguese Fort ‘Tiracol’ promises to be a real treat for any history and architecture fan. The intricate design, architecture and picturesque location of the Fort will leave you stunned. So, feel free to avail the Goa tour travel packages if you want to fell into this amazement too.

Location: Near Querim Beach, Pernem Administrative Region, and North Goa.

7. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary


Being the second largest wildlife reserve of Goa, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary may not please you with as many animals but you can sometimes get lucky enough to spot animals like Laughing Hyenas, Sloth Bears, Indian Bisons and Malabar Crested Eagle. Apart from that, Cotigao is indeed an ideal location for recreation & hiking.

Location: Canacona district, Cotigao, South Goa.

8. Devil’s Canyon


Hey guys! Read about this place. Now, this is something interesting, Devil’s Canyon- a place that is ideal for tranquillity but not for swimming. Well, there is a folklore which speaks that the place is guarded by a demon and all those who went for swimming never returned back.

Location: National Highway 4a, Caranzol, Sanguem, Goa.

9. Pequeno (Bat) Island


Also known as the Bat Island of Goa, Pequeno Island is for the adventure seeking souls, particularly for the snorkelers. So, hurry and avail the best travel packages for Goa if you wish to enjoy in its rocky beaches which are stunningly beautiful.

Location: A kilometre away from Baina Beach of Vasco-da-Gama.

10. Butterfly Beach


Butterfly Beach is a small isolated cove in Goa so named because of the variety of butterflies that fill the area or maybe because the beach itself resembles the shape of a butterfly. This is a much amusing place and gives excellent opportunity to spot dolphins, crabs etc.

Location: Palolem, South Goa.

11. Netravali, Bubbling Lake


Hidden from the rushing sight of the tourists, there is this extraordinary place in Goa known for its fascinating nature of producing bubbles. Besides the interesting phenomenon governing the Bubbling Lake, it is sometimes a real delight for getting a free Fish Spa.

Location: Down Hotel Raman, Khobra Waddo, Calangute, Goa.

So the next time you plan a trip to Goa, don’t just go for the usual ones rather try and hit the untouched, unspoilt and the isolated pristine version of Goa.