10 Things Every Traveller Must Know While Travelling to Nepal

Despite being a small landlocked country, Nepal never fails to amaze its visitors with its amazing vistas, number of outdoor activities, strenuous trekking opportunities, several cultural experiences and some fascinating sites to see. Actually, there is no reason for which we can hold ourselves from exploring this authentic mountain kingdom. But before we reach out to this wonderful country, let us first check out a few things which may help during the journey.

10 Things Every Traveller Must Know While Travelling to Nepal

1. While travelling to Nepal, it is very important to know the local/social etiquette. Though the people here are incredibly friendly, happy, kind-hearted and giving, one should be able to acknowledge that Nepalese culture is fundamentally different to the West. Greeting people with both the palms placed together shows much affection and a modest behavior.

2. Nepal’s unimaginable mountains and jungles are known to all and they seem equally fascinating for tourists all over the world, but one thing you need to lock in your head is that “never trek alone”. In the past recent years, there have been several disappearances of solo travellers, therefore it is highly advisable to either hire a guide or trek in groups.

3. Safety in Nepal is to avoid drinking tap water or water that is not boiled or bottled. Instead, you may consume bottled mineral water those which are available in hotels and restaurants. And same goes for food too, avoid raw vegetables and pre-cut fruits as much as possible.

4. Remember to exchange all the Nepalese currencies before you leave. Once you’re out of the country, Nepalese currencies are not accepted, also, taking such is against the law.

5. Who would not love to explore the highways and major streets of Nepal? Well, these are some of the reasons for tourist attractions of the country but remember, riding a bicycle or a motorbike in most parts of the country is not advisable. Besides, you can take some of the off-road biking trails if you are an avid traveller or a real explorer.

6. Do not pity the beggars that you see on streets. Your way of giving money to the beggars encourages them to beg for more. In fact, there are many charity organizations in Nepal who are working on such issues.

7. Touching someone’s head or sitting in a way such that your feet points towards others is considered rude.

8. Whilst in Nepal, one should never rely upon the schedules and times that are committed to them, let that be in verbal or written, rather try to have maximum time buffers between your major plans and activities, especially when you have to fly out.

9. The glorious Thamel in Kathmandu and the adventure capital of Nepal- Pokhara are surely the best places in the country that anyone will love to visit but being there, mainly the dance bars can sometimes turn out to be risky. Dance bars in Kathmandu and Pokhara are known for tourist traps where they scam you into buying alcohol and food at inflated prices. Some of these places have a history of intimidation and violence too.

10. Help Nepal be a better place by limiting the use of plastic items and thereby supporting the NON-Plastic initiative.