Darjeeling to Pelling road trip with Car fare

Crowned with the ineffable Himalayas, and embraced by the world’s finest tea gardens and fed by crystal streams, Darjeeling is rightly called the “Queen of Hills” that stands tall in its full glory and charm, breathing in the pure Himalayan air. A bit of colonial charm that it preserved, which well blends with eclipsing modernity over the traditions that have existed since time immemorial. Darjeeling is the treasure chest of nature, mixed culture, adventure, relaxation, spirituality, and modernity combined- all these elements thrive together to form an amazing ambiance ultimately making Darjeeling as “a Gem of a place”.  So, discover more of this Hill Queen with convenient car service in Darjeeling.

If you want to spice up your trip with a bit more of adventure, nostalgia, spirituality, and natural appeal, and serenity, then don’t think more, combine Pelling to your trip.

Snuggled in nature’s lap, in West district of Sikkim, Pelling is a spiritual and historical extravaganza and a serene escapade for the wanderlusts to the laidback travelers. This charming hill station is an unmissable place in Sikkim. Take out a day or two to witness its major attractions such as Kanchenjunga Peaks, lush green valleys, pristine waterfalls, historical ruins, Himalayan flora and fauna, quaint villages, monasteries, etc.  So, here is the list of major sightseeing places in Pelling that you can explore with a Car rental in Darjeeling.

1. Sangachoeling Monastery:

Sangachoeling Monastery

Built-in 17th century, Sangachoeling Monastery is an important Buddhist pilgrimage site. The monastery can be reached through a small trek. The route to this monastery passes through luxuriant forest cover and hilly terrain. The Monastery is worth the trek, as you will enter the realm of absolute serenity.

Features: 17th-century Pilgrimage site.

Distance from Pelling: 8.5 km.

2. Singshore, the highest bridge in Sikkim:

Singshore, the highest bridge in Sikkim

Built at an elevation of 198 m above the ground, Singshore Bridge is the highest bridge in Sikkim. Enclosed by lush green hills and valleys that are decked with waterfalls, it has become a most preferred place in Pelling.  Ensuring breathtaking views, it also happens to be among the highest gorge bridges in Asia.

Features: Nature and engineering, Asia’s highest suspension bridge,

Distance from Pelling: 28 km.

3. Khecheopalri Lake:

Khecheopalri Lake

Immersed in beauty and serenity, Khecheopalri Lake holds a great religious significance. Both Hindus and Buddhist consider it as sacred, and it is believed to come true. It is also the delight for the adventure seekers, trekkers, etc. You can even stay at the village lodges to have a quick access to the lake. The Lake is associated with the myths and legends. The most intriguing part is; even the lake is located amid the dense forests, you will not find any single leaf in the Lake. It is said that the birds come and take away the leaves that fall on this Lake.

Features: Mythical and sacred lake, pilgrimage site

Distance from Pelling to Khecheopalri Lake: 32 km

4. Pemayangtse Monastery:

Pemayangtse Monastery

Tracing back to the history and its origin, Pemayangtse Monastery was built in the 17th century that is adorned by sculptures and paintings, and its major feature is the seven-tiered model of Guru Rimpoche, made of wood and decorated with rainbows and fairies. Not only that, it is a treasure trove of various Buddhist scriptures, antiques, sculptures and other art forms you’d love to see The best time to visit Pemayangtse Monastery is January to February, the best time to attend the dazzling Cham Festival.

Features: Pilgrimage site

Distance from Pelling: 36 km

5. Kanchenjunga National Park – a Himalayan haven for the wildlife and nature:

Kanchenjunga National Park

One step closer to nature: How about catching glimpse of snow leopards, musk deer and other wild animals while on your trip to Pelling? Kanchenjunga National Park covers about 849 km sq. of the area, which is prosperous in terms of flora, fauna, avifauna and even glaciers. For a rejuvenating experience, trek in Kanchenjunga National Park, but make sure you obtain the permit from Wildlife Education and Interpretation center at Yuksom.

Best time to visit Kanchenjunga National Park: April to May

Accommodation: The forest department has introduced rest houses located in Yumthang and Lachung.

Features: The Himalayan flora and Fauna, sightseeing destination

Distance from Pelling: 32 km

6. Rabdentse Ruins – Nostalgic ruins with a magnificent view:

Rabdentse Ruins – Nostalgic ruins with a magnificent view

Rabdentse Ruins is a popular tourist destination in Pelling. It is located just at a walkable distance from Pemayangtse Monastery and is enclosed by thick woods and lakes. This place is of national importance, as announced by Archeological Survey of India. Chadok Namgyal established it in 1670 post shifting his capital from Yuksom. All of Chadok’s establishments in the city were destroyed by Gurkha army, only the chortens and the ruins were left behind.

Your Pelling sightseeing is incomplete without a visit to these ruins with a history dating back to way before the 1800s.

Timings of Rabdentse Ruins: Everyday from 6 am to 6 pm.

Features: The ruins of historical kingdom

Distance from Pelling: 36 km (approx)

7. Yuksom- The ancient capital of Sikkim:

Yuksom- The ancient capital of Sikkim

Once the capital of Sikkim, Yuksom is a popular attraction of Sikkim and is located just 40 km from Pelling. Yuksom is the treasure chest of lakes, monasteries, untouched forests, and it is the origin of some of the most beautiful treks in Sikkim. Yuksom is the abode to the sacred and the cleanest lakes, Dubdi monastery which was built in 1701 and it is significant as a Buddhist pilgrimage site.

Features: The ancient capital of Sikkim

Distance from Pelling: 40 km

8. Tashiding Monastery – Discover your peace at this pilgrimage site:

Tashiding Monaster

Built in 1641, Tashiding is regarded as one of the most pious Buddhist monasteries in Sikkim. The premises are prettified with 41 chortens – known as ‘Chortens of Enlightenment’. The monastery is beautiful in every sense, which exceeds during the Bhumchu Festival. During the festival, the holy water kept inside the Monastery is brought to public display, and it is the best time to witness and understand the Buddhist traditions. Best time to visit Tashiding Monastery is during February/March when Bhumchu Festival is held.

Features: A pilgrimage site

Distance from Pelling: 36 km

9. Darap Village:The quaint villages and dotting homestays:

Darap Village –The quaint villages and dotting homestays

Inhabited by the many ethnic groups like Lepchas, Bhutias, Chhetris, Tamangs, Gurungs, etc., Darap is a culturally rich village that is emerging as a popular homestays destination for the travelers. Due to the considerable charm, pristine beauty, and easy accessibility, the village is rapidly becoming the travelers’ favorite.

Activities: You can relax in the quaint homestays, or if you plan to explore out – indulge in exciting activities such as hiking, bird watching, fishing, and splashing water in the many streams in Darap.

Distance from Pelling: 14 km

List of 7 hotels and homestays in Pelling for an ideal stay:

1. The Chumbi Mountain Retreat– 1.9km from the main town

Reviews: 8.2/Very Good.

Cost: INR. 8,408.

2. Elgin Mount Pandim Pelling– 0.4 km from the main town

Reviews: 8.4/Very Good.

Cost: INR. 10,763.

3.Summit New Regency– 2.1 km from the main town

Reviews: 7.7/ Good

Cost: INR. 1,277.

4. Pachu Village Resort– 0 km from the main town

Reviews: 8.3/ Very Good

Cost: INR. 5,428.

5. Rabdentse Residency– 2.1 km from the main town

Reviews: 7.5/ Good

Cost: INR. 777

6. Cherry Village Homestay– 5.5 km from the main city

Reviews: 8/ Very Good

Cost: INR. 3,847

7. Himalayan Retreat & Resort– 1.6 km from the main town

Reviews: 7.8/ Good

Cost: INR. 850

Darjeeling to Pelling road trip with care fare details:

1. Budget range vehicle: Swift, Wagon R, Ritz, Indica

Peak-season: INR. 3,200

Off-season: INR.  2, 900

2. Mid-budget range vehicle: Sumo, Bolero, Max

Peak season: INR. 3,300

Off-season: INR. 3,000

3. Luxury range vehicle: Innova, Xylo, Scorpio

Peak-season: INR. 3,900

Off-season: INR. 3,500

Departure: Pelling to Siliguri with a road trip, the approx distance between Pelling to Bagdogra/NJP is 145 km. which is almost 6 hours drive.